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The Friday Five – 12.28.01

The Friday Five

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?

Getting officially hired at {{huge veterinary teaching school}}, I guess. Though at times, it seems like alot more grief than it’s worth.

2. What was your biggest disappointment?

Wow….I really don’t know. At the moment, all I can think of it that Bill and I couldn’t spend more time at Caesars, but that really seems kinda trite. So, I guess I can’t complain all that much about the year…..

3. Will you be making any New Year’s resolutions?

The usual… and such, getting the house painted and organized……one of these days, I’m going to make a fun resolution. I might actually stick to that.

4. Where do you wish you were celebrating?

I don’t know. I don’t really get into partying….any time, not just on New Year’s. It’s just not my thing. But, if I could spend the beginning of the new year anywhere I would, of course, pick my usual spot…..London 🙂

5. What do you plan to do for New Year’s Eve?

Geeking and going to bed early since I signed up to work on New Year’s Day. However, Bill is off on New Year’s Eve for the first time since we met so we may get a bottle of something and play Gauntlet or his new Simpsons game – stay back!! Things could get wild!!!

The Friday Five courtesy of Heather – Have a wonderful New Year, hon!!!

I’m home!!!

I’m baaaack 🙂

We got back about an hour ago and I’m on my way out again – going to pick up my mom from work and go to their house for dinner and a belated Christmas dinner.

Later on tonight I should have all of the journal entries posted from while we were gone – laptops are great!

…..and I’ll let you know about the super cool Christmas gifts I got 🙂

Thanks to you all for your cards and awesome Christmas wishes!!

The Friday Five – 12.21.01

I’m so bad :-p I snuck onto the computer (and a long distance internet connection) just so I could do this!
The Friday Five
1. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I can’t really think of anything strange…if it’s too weird, I won’t even go there, like squid or something :-p
2. Name one (material) thing you can’t live without.
That would definitely be my computer – obviously! I’m supposed to be on vacation here and I have to get on!
3. Name something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time for.
I’d love to learn how to sew or crochet so that I could make some nice things for Brittany…..and me 🙂
4. What outrageous thing do you wish you had the nerve to do?
I wish I had the balls to get my tongue pierced….I really, really want to but I’ve got this thing about getting anything other than my ears (including my tragus) pierced. I’d also like to get my eyebrow pierced……so let’s just say facial piercings.
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Counting the days till Christmas, playing with Brittany (cuz I missed her tons), wrapping the last of the presents that are down the basement and wondering how much longer it will be until I can get back to my computer 🙂
The Friday Five courtesy of Heather – Accept no substitutions!!

Caesar’s, Here We Come!!!

Guess where I’ll be this time tomorrow night?
(-: 7 Foot Tall Champagne Glass Whirlpool Tub :-)   (-: Heart Shaped En Suite Heated Pool :-)
I am so excited about this trip and am probably driving you all nuts…..too bad! I can’t wait to get in that pool!! I am dying to shrivel up in the whirlpool for a few hours!!! I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve – lol 🙂
See you all……sometime.

Always a laugh :-)

Always a laugh around here 🙂 Bill provides a few via AIM this afternoon:
aim snippet

5 things….

I stole this from Dreama who swiped it from Mar 🙂
5 basic things about me:
– I’m 24
– I’m a redhead
– I’m half Irish, half German
– I’m a 38C/D
– I’m right-handed
5 other things about me:
– I’ve been married to a cop for three years
– I work part-time at the {{huge veterinary teaching school}}
– I’m severely anemic
– I use more conditioner than shampoo
– I wear glasses when I’m at home and contacts when I go out.
5 things about my family:
– My mom works for the U.S. Customs
– My dad has been retired for ten years
– I have one sister and she’s a heroin addict
– My nephew is autistic with a number of other problems (namely his mother)
– My sister is 13.5 years older than me
5 things about my significant other:
– He went to a school for the gifted
– He’s left-handed
– He worked for the police department before going to the Academy
– His mother died of Lukemia in 1994
– He builds computers “for fun”
5 things about my pet(s) (just our 4 cats):
– They are all hard-luck cases rescued in one way or another
– Dominic was treated for Hepatic Lipidosis
– He spent 2 weeks (and $2,300) at {{huge veterinary teaching school}}
– 3 of our cats have ‘people’ names – Dominic, Luciano (Lucky) and Sabrina
– Tiger was a resident at Bill’s district – her full name is 18Tiger1
5 things about my website:
– I’ve had a website for about 4 years; it’s only been “personal” for about 2.
– Started out as a website for my alma mater
– I don’t know why I have to have different layouts for each section
– I am way too happy with GreyMatter
– I plan to get a new domain after the beginning of the year

Ten Years!

Okay, hard as it is for me to belive it’s been 10 years already, this is so cool 🙂 I may actually have to drag Brittany to go see that….

The Friday Five – 12.14.01

The Friday Five

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was really little, I wanted to be a writer. All through grade school, I wanted to be a lab technician – that’s what my sister did and I thought it was really cool. In high school I wanted to be a forensic pathologist (a coroner) and still kinda do…..I like being a lab tech, though. And hey, they do need lab techs at the medical examiners office 😉

2. Do you have any nicknames?

My sister and my dad call me ‘Head-hed’ or ‘Hed’, I could never get into letting other people do it though. In high school, I went through a period of ‘Hezz’ early in my freshman year but it got old *really* fast. The one that stuck was ‘Casper’ – one of my English teachers decided that since I was so pale, but extremely friendly, the name fit me well…..

3. If you could change something about yourself what would it be?

I would still be the weight I was when I graduated….or at the very least, the weight I was before I got pregnant with Brittany. Or that I could lose weight as easily as I could in high school. Whatever, just something to do with weighing less.

4. Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial?

Um, no…..but we have bought things that are sold on infomercials at stores.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?

I’m working tomorrow but I took off Sunday so that I can go to the Christmas Concert at my alma mater – I’m using the excuse that my cousin is in the show (to get out of work) and I really want to see her sing, but I’m really just going to visit 🙂

The Friday Five courtesy of Heather – Accept no substitutions!!


‘member the new old van my parents just bought….? The ’95 Lumina that the kidnapped Brittany in and took her to Cape May for the day….?

Well, it’s gone.

Just gone.

It was parked out front of the house last night and when my mom left for work this morning, it was gone. They called the cops and the insurance company….but they aren’t getting it back. They aren’t getting any money for it either probably. They financed it and paid $1000 for the downpayment but after it all works out I doubt they’ll get that back.


Ally McBeal

Pointless Post of the Day

Okay, I haven’t watchded Ally McBeal since “Billy” died…..well, since he stopped visiting her from the afterlife. I just thought the thing between the two of them kept it interesting, and the goofiness of Peter MacNicol just isn’t enough to keep me watching, sorry.

Anyway, FOX happens to be on and I’m sitting here geeking, as usual. I look up at the TV for a split second and see someone *very* familiar. No, not Tom Berenger. His son…well, his son in the show….”Malcom”, yeah, that one.

His name is Josh Groban. He sang a duet (“There For Me”) with Sarah Brightman at the La Luna concert we went to last year. I thought he had such an awesome voice and I was glad that when I got the DVD of the concert it was him – I’d heard that she was alternating the duet with him and someone else. Apparently he was on the show last year sometime, too……

Just thought you’d all like to know that – I’ve seen him live, from the 3rd row 😉