Monthly Archives: January 2002

3 more pounds!!!

I lost 3 more pounds!!!!

Are you keeping track – that’s 7.5 pounds so far!!!

Police Shooting

Bill cleared the way for the ambulence and stayed at the University of Pennsylvania hospital with the guy for a bit. He didin’t get home till almost 3 this morning cuz they spent all night looking for the loser that did it……read more….watch the video.

Quit Smoking

Remember I said that January 24th was 5 years since I quit smoking…..? Check it out – see my QuitMeter up there…..shows how long it’s been and how much money I’ve saved 🙂

Queer As Folk

The Breakfast Club

Gee, what a surprise 😉

Linux World Expo

Guess where I’m going on Friday 😉 Hrm. Our first trip to NYC since 9/11 – think I should alert the media?


Confession time.

I never gave much thought to the Backstreet Boys – the only song of theirs that ever caught my attention was “Everbody” when that came out a few years back. Well now, they did it again…..they just caused more trouble this time.

I saw the video the other day for their new single “Drowning” and absolutely loved it – yes, I saw the Elton John video while I was watching MTV2 to see if it would be coming on!

Anyway, I like the song and now I have this huge crush on Kevin Richardson because he looks absolutely gorgeous in the video. And tonight I was poking around Morpheus to download the “Drowning” video and found this……yes, that’s Kevin shouting that the speaker (AJ, maybe?) is a dildo – lol 🙂

Elton John Video

Oh my God!!! I just saw the new Elton John video on MTV2 – have you seen it??? How cool is that??? It was so interesting watching him as his younger self singing this new song 🙂

Oh, and yes, that really is Justin Timberlake.

Rocky Horror Test

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carrie, I can’t thank you enough for this –

I am so Magenta – I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!

Silence of the Lambs

Does anyone else find it totally romantic when Dr. Lecter calls Clarice back to give her the case file and then brushes her finger? I get giddy when I see that, every time…………………..
Shut up! We’ve already established that I’m cuckoo :-p