Monthly Archives: May 2002

Shadow Project

Me and my shaaaaaadaow 🙂

New Pets

There’s going to be a new addition to the family 🙂

Leopard Gecko

Two of them actually. One of the girls that works in the emergency room at work has to get rid of her two geckos (a leopard and a golden) and we have agreed to adopt them….that’s a general picture of a leopard, by the way, not one of the geckos we’ll be getting.

Now I’m getting all silly about it, though, looking around for things to buy and books to read………they come with everything we need, cages, heating pads and stuff, but…ya know….something new. I had a tiny chameleon about 15 years ago, but this…….

This is gonna be cool!!!

Gonna pick them up Saturday 🙂

Pop-up Stopper

I just saw this on the news and had to run up here to get it………..

The Pop-Up Stopper – this is a program, not some silly opt-in thing that runs out when you clear out your cookies. There is a free version available and you can buy a more advanced one.

I just downloaded the free one and it is already installed…….pretty sharp – even Yahoo! hasn’t given me a single pop-up!!!

Only problem with it is that when you want to comment to your favorite blogger….if they use a pop-up for their comment page (like I do here), you get sent to the page….it doesn’t open in the little window.

Garden :-)

Okay, I’m happy. I just got some free soil from the water company – really the left over sludge from them treating the water, but it’s awesome for gardening – and then went to Home Depot and got a few packets of seeds so that I can finally get my garden started!!

It’s so nice to have days off again 🙂

Brittany has Pneumonia :-(

Brittany has Pneumonia 😦

See it!

Okay, so 3 days later, here is my take on the movie…..if you didn’t like Phantom Menace, go see Attack of the Clones. It is so much better than Episode One……really! Nevermind the fact that Jar-Jar is in it for about 5 minutes and thankfully has precious little to say, the characters have a little more depth this time around. Vader is getting there. I’d have to see it again to have anything substantial to say about the guy they got to play him this time around, but if Leonardo DiCrappio had played the part (as was discussed early on) it would have been a total joke.

…..and Yoda…? He’s one quick little dude 😉

Movie Tickets

That was so easy!!!

Bill and I are going out tomorrow night to see Attack of the Clones. I don’t know what lines are going to be like or anything but I don’t particularly want to be standing around all night, ya know?

So anyway, I just went to and ordered our tickets for the show. Talk about speedy! The whole thing took less than five minutes, including finding the theatre to go to….so tomorrow, we pick up the tickets at the window.

I’ll let you know how it works out 😉

A clue! A clue!!

Steve Burns, post-‘Blue’s Clues’ 🙂 Pretty cool, huh? I was reading his website for a bit and found myself really laughing out loud at quite a few things, especially some of the answers to the FAQ – too funny!

And somebody give the kid a break, huh? The music is actually pretty good, got an almost Pink Floyd sound to it…..I’d buy it 😉

Baby Attack

Ew. Just….ew, okay? What a jerk-off.

House Party!

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it or not but I have the coolest husband around – check out my awesome Mother’s Day gift……it was sitting on my computer chair when I got home from work 🙂

Bill (7:25:46 PM): Well, somebody wanted you to have it for Mothers Day.

Me (7:26:23 PM): Aaaaawwww!!!!

Bill (7:29:08 PM): I wanted to get you flowers, but this person said to me “Stupid ass! House Party! Pppfftthh

Me (7:29:48 PM): lolol 🙂 is that what you talked about while I was in work the other day?

Bill (7:30:28 PM): I`m not telling.

Me (7:30:37 PM): 🙂