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Brittany’s Halloween

I tried to post these over in the babyblog but I think all the changes my server is making lately has screwed things up royally. It saves the entry, but doesn’t publish……so……………..
Here is Britt in her costume 🙂

Happy Halloween :-)

I love Halloween. Just. Love it 🙂 I took Brittany over to the street I grew up on to Trick or Treat cuz it’s just the best….everyone decorates and they give out real candy. Good candy. Even full size candy bars and bags full of all kinds of neat treats.
Here’s a pic of a series of the houses….check out the inside of that mini-van 😉


A Letter to the Department of Sanitation

For the past year or so we have had more and more problems with our trash collectors in this area. The fact that they are loud and vulgar not withstanding, they are sloppy and it has gotten to be too much.
If things fall out of the back of the truck, they leave them in the street. One week, a bag of cat litter that one of my neighbors put out ripped as they picked it up and there was a trail of used cat litter from the sidewalk to where the truck had stopped and they just left it.
Trash cans are never returned to the houses they were picked up from and are often found rolling around in the street causing people to have to stop their cars and move them because there is no way to go around. Trash can lids wind up wedged under parked cars!
This morning, they collected our trash, but only the trash that was in cans. We had one bag of normal household trash to be picked up and they left it sitting on our sidewalk.
I have had enough. This is not North Philly. We put a serious effort into keeping our street and homes neat and well kept. Aren’t sanitation workers meant to aide in that process? Not make it harder on us?
These men are paid more than Police Officers in this city but apparently are too lazy to do the job properly. I am requesting a serious reprimand of the collectors working this area and suggest you consider assigning different people to the route.
Heather W

Just about ready…..

Okay, so. When I got home yesterday, the canning utensil kit that I ordered from was here – whoo-hoo!! And since I’m off today…..guess what I’ll be doing in just a little while 🙂
I also ordered the jars from them but while we were away this past weekend, we found a place near the house that sells cases of 8oz. and pint sized jars for canning. I was so thrilled – 12 jars for $4.99!! I think the pints were $5.99 but I just got one case of the 8oz. jars for now. With the 8 that I got with my order, I’m good for a while.
I don’t want to post the recipe that I’m going to use till after I actually try it out. it’s based on a recipe I found a little while ago, but I’m making some changes to make it a little more…….us 🙂
I bought some pectin while we were up the mountains as well (since I can’t seem to find it here anywhere :-p) but the basic recipe I’m going to use calls for lemon juice and no pectin so I’m just going to try doing that. I was actually kinda surprised with the pectin….thrilled as I was to have actually found it, I didn’t really read the box. Later when I did, I found that it’s only one use in the package. The box is about the size of a box of Jell-O but I thought there were several packets in one box…especially since it was $1.99.
Oh, well… biggie. I know that it takes a little effort to not use pectin in preserve recipes because you have to figure out acids and non-acids and all that. To begin with, I decided to cheat and use the pectin but ultimately, I’d like to not have to.
Well, it’s still early, but in a little while I’m going to boil the tools. After it boils, I’ll turn it off and let everything cool a bit while I run out for some errands then when Brittany goes in for her nap, I’ll get to work 🙂
I’m so excited!!!!


Interesting weather going on around here lately……it was sleeting most of the night last night and today they are hinting at snow. Maybe we’ll get lucky and actually get some decent snow this year….as opposed to the one snow we had last year that gave us all of 4 inches.
Of course, as I found out on the way home yesterday, no one in this city has a frickin’ clue how to drive in any type of precipitation which just takes the fun out of everything……


We ran away for the weekend again….probably going to be happening alot from now on 😉 I have a bit to catch up on but I’m dead tired so it’ll all have to wait till tomorrow…………………….g’night 🙂

Guns N’ Roses

Guess where I’m gonna be on December 6th 😉 Bill just got the tickets – isn’t he the greatest? The really neat part is this will be the first ‘real’ concert I’ve ever been to….
Yes, I’ve seen Sarah Brightman a few times, but the two can hardly be compared to one another. And since we’re not counting those, it’s been 10 years since I’ve been to a concert at all……but we want to forget about those……..
So, at least now I can cross someone else off my “To see….” list 🙂

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Calorie Counter

So..uh……how many calories are you buring while you are sitting there geeking?

The Friday Five – 10.18.02

The Friday Five
1. How many TVs do you have in your home?
Two. One in the living room and one in the bedroom.
2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week?
3-4 hours….give or take, allowing for specials or movies.
3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children?
I feel that too much television or using the TV as a babysitter is bad. The quality of children’s entertainment lately is exceptional for the most part. But!! Without some interaction while watching, I don’t think they get the full benefit 😉
4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you’re heartbroken?
Crossing Jordan. If we actually got FX, I’d be upset about missing The Shield, but there’s not really much I can do in that case. I’m content with watching recorded episodes, though.
5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like?
The Criminal Investigation Network! Fictional and non-fictional shows, 24 hours a day. Everything from Quincy and Columbo to Autopsy and Forensic Files… would be heaven 🙂
The Friday Five courtesy of Heather – luv ya, hon!!!!!