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Three Years Ago

Brittany is sick today. She stayed home with Bill this morning so that I could go into work for a while but I left early to take her to the doctor. As I pulled into the parking lot at the hospital (her doc is in the annex building) I remembered that three years ago today, I was in the very same place and it was the day we got our first glimpse of Brittany 🙂
I can’t believe that was three years ago already!

New Year’s Eve Plans

Anybody doing anything special tomorrow night? For the first time in about 5 years, Bill is actually off on New Year’s Eve….he always seems to be on 4-12, too so I never get to see him at midnight. Hell, for New Year’s 2000, he was at work for something like 17 hours!
So he’s off and we’re taking full advantage of the night by doing absolutely nothing – whoo-hoo!! I on the other hand do have to work but I probably won’t be there for long…..I’m sure I’ll be home by 1:00 or so.
Today we went out and got a nice roasting chicken that I’m going to toss in the rotisserie….and we bought 4 bottles of champagne including a nice bottle of Perrier-Jouet 1995 Brut Fleur de Champagne with glasses (no, we didn’t pay that much for it…..damn!). I don’t think the two of us will get through 4……3 maybe, but not 4 😉 We also got a bottle of Blackberry Arbor Mist to drink tonight…….while he plays Vice City and I work on that blanket…….
Yes, we are all about the good times.
I love nights like this 🙂

What a pain!!

I’ve just begun my first knitting project that actually has a “need by” date on it….sort of. My cousin is having a baby. Only problem is, I didn’t think she was due anytime soon. I’m thinking March for some reason… it turns out, it’s the end of January. Her baby shower is in 2 weeks.
I have 2 weeks to knit a baby blanket. Cast on 200 stitches and make it 40 inches long. Let me tell you about how much my hand hurts right now…………….well, I would like to have it finished by the shower, but I will settle for having it done before she leaves the hospital with the baby – lol 🙂
In any case…..I may not be around as much as usual because in addition to still having to find new and interesting places to put all the stuff we got for Christmas and get rid of stuff to make more room for all that stuff, now I have to knit a full size baby blanket and a hat to match in 2 weeks.

Taking down the decorations….

Well, as you can see, I’ve already taken down my Christmas decorations. Granted, the real stuff doesn’t come down till Little Christmas but today I had the time to get the new layout started and just kept going.
I had to work today. And with Brittany in tow, I got there extra early. 15 minutes after I got there, B. called me and said “What are you doing there?” Uhhhh, I work here? “You aren’t supposed to be in today, J. was supposed to call you last night and let you know not to come in.” Well, she didn’t. “Well, you had better call her to tell her you are leaving, then.”
Lemme translate a bit.
J., my supervisor, is out sick. B. likes to play boss and yes, she really does sound that rude.
In reality, there wasn’t much for me to do today except catch up on alot of things that I can’t do with Brittany following me about — if I’m just going to be embedding, that’s fine, she can sit next to me and color and all, but if I’m running back and forth doing other things, she tends to get antsy. It only took me 25 minutes to embed everything today – not much to do with the holiday and all.
So I called J. to find out what had happened. Naturally, she hadn’t told B. anything about calling me, she had wanted me there in case there was alot of mail that came in. I explained that I had only offered to come in today because I thought there would be more — not less –embedding to do after the holiday and since I had Brittany with me, if it was okay with her, I was just going to leave.
And I did.
I will do all my catch up stuff tomorrow…..working tomorrow instead of Monday because the building will be closed down for some damn thing or another. In any case, Brittany will be at my parent’s house then.
After getting to work at about 6:05 this morning and getting home around 7:30, I was wide awake with some time to kill. Hence the new layout already.
I’m going away again now. Brittany is tucking her “Pooh” bear in so he can watch Reggie for a while 🙂 and I’m going to go play with my bread machine – whoo!!!

home again, home again….jigetty-jig….

And we’re homehome, now. Christmas was beautiful with lots of snow and awesome presents. Brittany just got gads of new toys and her first bike – an adorable pink and purple trikey!! I got the crockpot and bread machine I’ve been asking for for months as well as a portable CD/Cassette/Radio for me to tote around…..rather than having to drag my alarm clock with me when I want to listen to music while I’m in in the kitchen or down the basement….or even taking a bath 🙂 I got the Back to the Future trilogy DVD set, a jewelry box loaded with new earrings and a new necklace, and a 3 foot tall Garfield end table — it is too funny!
We just got back from my parents house and I’ve got to unpack and do laundry and get ready for work tomorrow and stuff but I’ll go into more in the journal tomorrow. Maybe.
For the record there was a grand total of 299 e-mail messages waiting for me. But thanks to my wonderful mail washer, I only had to dowload 13 — so cool 🙂
Along those lines….have any of you been getting pop-ups like these on your computer? Bill and I get them all the time and we have no idea where they come from. They are not your average surfing annoyance pop-ups. Matter of fact, I don’t think I have ever actually even been near the computer when one of these bastards shows up. I don’t have morpheus running or anything (that I know of) that would cause them and it’s starting to piss me off! When I got home, there were no fewer than 17 of these things waiting for me…..but it only shows as one. You close that one, and the next one appears until they have all been closed — help!!!!! Anyone…..?

The Driveway

My car is out there somewhere………
Supposed to keep up like this for a few more hours and then slack off a bit as it gets later.
Apparently, I’m not going to work tomorrow.

Heh=heh :-)

(-: Merry Christmas 🙂

White Christmas

I’m……uh…not dreaming anymore…….
Yahoo! Weather for Reeders, PA
Tonight: Cloudy skies. Low 22F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.
Tomorrow: Heavy snow. Temperatures steady in the mid 20s. Winds NE at 15 to 25 mph. Snow accumulating 8 to 12 inches.
Tomorrow night: Heavy snow in the evening will end as some light snow overnight. Low 21F. Winds NW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 90%. Snow accumulating 3 to 6 inches.
Thursday: Snow flurries in the early morning will give way to partly cloudy skies during the day. High 31F. Winds WNW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 20%.
Naturally, the one year that I don’t especially want it to snow on Christmas, it’s going to. I have to drive back home to Philly in all that shit tomorrow cuz I have to work on Thursday – that blows! If I could just sit around, I’d be in my glory…….at least I have new breaks.
Oh, well…..I’m off to get started on the cookies for Santa 🙂

Back Again

Well, we’re back in the real world once again……we checked out yesterday morning, got back to the montain house about 45 minutes later and then I left to go get Brittany. 4.5 hours total to get her, get some more stuff from our house and then get back up here last night. I’m *still* worn out.
Or maybe I just miss that bed 😉
We had such a great time!! It was so relaxing — we spent hours in the pool and the whirlpool. And drank alot of champagne and wine ;-). I was even able to finish a hat for Brittany that I’d been working on for more that a month!
Our anniversary was wonderful — we had a nice champagne breakfast (two complimenatary mini bottles of Caesars “private label” champagne) and then we played a couple of rounds of pool and some mini golf…….dinner was exceptional! I had seafood scampi that was just swimming in garlic sauce and Bill had Italian Seasoned Beef Tenderloin – that was really good too, I just had to steal a little piece……
Best of all, though…….well, just check out the bottle in the picture of our anniversary dinner.

We had a bottle of Dom!! I was actually surprised…..we bought a bottle of Moet one time and it was just way too dry for me so I felt a little guilty for not drinking it after we spent the extra money on it. But the Dom was just wonderful! And I would actually buy it again for something special.
You know, like our next anniversary 😉
Okay, well….we’re at the mountain house and I can’t wait to get baking on that zuchini bread. I have lots of gifts to wrap but I got started last night….if I do a few each day, should be too much to handle.
I’m gonna try to write a journal entry later, it depends on what we wind up doing today, though……………..

The Friday Five – 12.20.02

Yeah, I know it’s 2 days late……..I’ve been busy!
The Friday Five
1. What holiday or holidays do you celebrate this time of year?
We celebrate our anniversary – yes, it is a big deal for us – and Christmas. I’m not real big on New Year partying but I may try to take Brittany to the Mummer’s Parade this year 😉
2. What was the best gift you have ever received?
I just don’t know…….I mean, I’ve gotten some pretty cool gifts but it’s hard to pick one that was the greatest. Quite recently – like last week – my supervisor brought “Snowed in at the House of Mouse” as a gift for Brittany and while Brittany was happy with it, I was thrilled to death because it had Mickey’s Christmas Carol on it 🙂
3. What was the worst gift you’ve ever given?
I dunno….I think I’m pretty good with gifts most of the time….it’s when I give up and settle on a shirt or an umbrella or something like that that I feel like I’ve givien a terrible gift……..
4. Where will you be celebrating the holidays? Are you hosting? Going away?
We’ll be up the mountains. Well, we’ve actually been here since the 18th to celebrate our anniversary at Caesars. On the 20th, we brought Brittany up here and now we’re at the mountain house to have what may just be . I’ll be leaving on Christmas Night because I have to work on the 26th….Bill does too, but he doesn’t have to be in till 4:p.m. so he’l be leaving that morning.
5. If you could spend the holidays with someone who isn’t around, who would it be with? Why?
I’ve got everyone here…..Bill and Brittany. My family drives me up the wall on any given day especially the holidays so seeing them the day after is the best way for me to do things.
The Friday Five courtesy of Heather – Merry Christmas, hon!!!!!