Sue the Trolls!!!

“It sounds in part that this [lawsuit] highlights the lack of public spaces on the Internet,” Seltzer said. “I would be more comfortable saying they could kick off whoever they wanted if there was someplace else they could tell him to go.”
Yeah, I’ll tell them where to go! A lawsuit against a troll – I don’t see the problem. Then there’s this broad that feels bad because he doesn’t have a public forum to go to in which he can harass others of his kind.
I want to see how she feels on the subject after she runs her own site for 6 months.
Sue the Trolls!!!
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Thanks to Robyn for that link 😉


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  1. Well, there is a bit of a problem with this lawsuit. Here is a good example – take a debate forum. What happens if the owner of this forum does not agree with a poster and they go round and round over the issue. The owner takes things too personal and decides to sue the poster. AOmehow a standard needs to be in place. Perhaps even a bigger disclaimer stating the intentions of a forum and what the rules are.
    While I doubt highly this lawsuit will go anywhere because of the lack of such standards, I think this is a situation that blog owners will not want to get into. The point of a blog is to attract other people to come in an discuss whatever content you as the owner wishes to post. I think that is wonderful, however, most people will not want to see a big disclaimer upon first hitting the enter key when they type in your address stating that they can be held responsible and have a lwwsuit filed against them if their posts are deemed “disagreeable” by the owner. This in fact will deter vistors to these blogs.
    And of course, who gets to really decide these standards? The woner of the blog of course. But also, the internet unto itself is a public forum, and if you wish to open your doors to all, be prepared to take in all kinds of miscreants as well. They don;t behave, simply toss them out. But a lawsuit will never stick. I can forsee this judge saying something similar. If you don’t want these miscreants, then make your site private. This way, if people want to get in, they have to sign up and by signing up, holds them somewhat to a “contract” to follow your rules.
    If by chance this lawsuit were to pass without setting a standard, than I see the downfall of blogs.
    If that alone does not convince you – take IRC. (Ask Bill about irc if you don;t know). IRC used to be the creme de la creme of online chat. Many times the size of anything AOL ever came up with. Hundreds of thousands of users talking on tens of thousands of channels all over the globe. It was a chat frenzy. Then one day, an obscure law was passed about profanity on online chats and forums. A particular suit was filed for “harrasment.” It was via irc. Now, the case was clearly a harrasing user to another. This is fine, go after him, sur him string him up. Great. But the problem was is the suit set a precedence and the precedence has no standard. This opened up a door so that anyone can sue virtually anyone else on irc for merely disagreeing with them.
    Now, go onto irc and see the numbers of folks on there is significantly lower. And even more so, check out a chat room. Either it is locked (invite only and to get invited requires some off the wall crap, IF you know where to look) or there are people in a room, but nobdy is saying anything. It truly is a sad thing to see.
    For this Internet veteran, I walsy said opening up the Net to the masses was a double edged sword. I am all for blogs and people opening up their lives and opinions on it. But, if you want to do so and have readers, be prepared to take the bad with the good. Leave the “law” out of it.

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