My mom just called to see if we want to go to the zoo.
I said no. The fact that it’s 25 degrees notwithstanding I don’t feel good and I’m coughing alot.
So she gets all pissy with me saying that if she had never done anything when she felt sick, we never would have gone anywhere growing up.
And she is so pleasant because of it now…….
Good….so now instead of just feeling sick, I get to feel guilty, too…..ya know cuz I never do anything with Brittany.
What the fuck around here lately……….


Posted on 20|01|2003, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. The zoo in this weather? no way! All the animals will be hiding anyway! Thats no fun. Plus they took out the Polar Bear, which is one of the coolest part. I hope he comes back.

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