We had a good day yesterday. Got alot of new Linux based programs and I decided that I think I’m just going to jump right into it this time. Every year when we go, I say I’m really going to sit down and learn how to do everything on a Linux machine but after a few weeks, it just kinda fades into the background. But I really think that as soon as I can save all of my files here to a CD, I’m just going to chuck XP and install a Linux system…..not sure which one yet, but I’ll probably go with SuSE. They’ve made a lot of neat changes since the last release.
We also got 2 copies of StarOffice (which I have always loved much better than any of Windows word processing software) free from the Sun guys as well as two different versions of Solaris 9… for Intel and one for Sparc. And a copy of Red Hat 8.
In short, we got alot of free software but those are the ones I’m most excited about….we got a gazillion pens and keychains and pins and stickers and a handful of t-shirts, two of them very nice, heavy long sleeved tee’s.
Good day….lots of free shit and some neat new systems to try out, a wonderful dinner with my guy and just an all around nice day together 😉


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