still sick, etc.

Brittany’s school called me at 3:00 to come get her because she had the fever back. She hadn’t had any sign of a fever since late Saturday night and was fine all day Sunday and yesterday. But now it’s back…..with a vengence. She’s got everything back again.
I called her doctor again and left a message with the receptionist again. When the doctor finally did call me back at 7:00, I had Brittany in the tub because she had been coughing again and spit up on herself. By the time I got her out and settled in and checked the message, it was 8:30. I’m tempted to call and leave an urgent message for him at 2:30………
I’m just especially annoyed about the whole thing because once again they are giving me the run-around about anti-biotics. If the same freakin’ illness is still with her for more than a month she needs more than freakin’ Tylenol and fluids!!!
If they don’t call in some Trimox for her tomorrow, I’m taking her to St. Christopher’s.
On a positive note, I think I made someone’s day today.
I left a note this morning asking the director of Brittany’s school to give me a call. When she did, I told how completely thrilled I am with everything they are doing with Brittany there – her class works on the best little projects and she is always so excited to be going to school.
Let me tell you how much easier that all makes it to leave her in the morning……
I know that she is learning things while she’s there and I know that she is having a good ol’ time….they give me a written daily report of what she ate, how long she slept and what activities they do during the day and everything about the place just really puts me at ease…..knowing she’s in a place that’s good for her and that she enjoys.
So I was on the phone with the director for a good 15 minutes telling her how happy I am with everything they do and…….I was just happy that I did that and I think it made her happy to hear a little praise.
People are always quick to complain…..especially me. But this is just too good 🙂


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  1. Gosh, I hope she is over this soon and that you can get her some meds. *hugs*

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