The Friday Five – 02.07.03

Okay. I have to say something about The Friday Five. Pay attention, folks. If they suck that bad don’t fucking do them!!!! Why the hell are you gonna sit around and bitch about it – just don’t do it! No one wants to read you whining about what terrible questions they are then have to endure your mundane and totally forced answers.
The whole point of the Friday Five is to get you thinking and to give you a few little promts to get you writing. If you find that the questions don’t do that, move on to the next activity. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a contest to see who can post their replies first, nor is it to get you a bunch of hits every week just because you leave your name and link.
You got a problem with questions, send in your own. Or maybe your questions suck, too. Oh, yeah and the only people that seem to have a problem with the “What are your plans for this weekend?” question are the ones with nothing to do.
I don’t give much credit to people linking to anyway.
Having said that:
1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you didn’t have breakfast, why not? Um, Brittany had milk and a bowl of dry grahm cereal – she likes to eat it by hand while she’s watching Olie. I had some Diet Pepsi before going out to shovel two sidewalks. I’m not much for breakfast anyway……even when I’m in work, I get a pretzel around 10:30 after I’ve been there for 3 hours.
2. What’s your favorite cereal? I would have to say Frosted Shredded Wheat, especially the minis and any kind of Chex (with some sugar of course). There are others that I really like but only in phases. I can always go for Shredded Wheat and Chex, though 🙂
3. How often do you eat out? Do you want that to change? Actually I eat out most days when I’m in work cuz I’m a lazy ass and never bring a lunch….but we usually just go get something and bring it back to eat in the conference room/library/lunch room. When I’m not in work I don’t go out to restaurants all that often, though……maybe once every couple of months. But we order out more than we should……
4. What do you plan on having for dinner tonight? Got a recipe for that? Bill is up the mountains. Brittany wants hot dogs. As usual. Rather than arguing tonight I’m just going to make hot dogs for her and some mixed veggies for us to share. I’m going to have my new favorite sandwich – bologna and cheese on a toated onion bagel with french dressing. Discovered that one last week on the day before shopping day – not a drop of mustard or mayonaise in sight – and now I can’t get enough of it. Probably yogurt for dessert for me while Brittany has some Jello.
5. What’s your favorite restaurant? Why? I like Outback cuz they have that awesome soup and the Bloomin’ Onion…..the atmosphere is neat, too. But I really think my favorite has to be Friday’s. I always enjoy whatever meal I get there, even without the appetizers and my Brownie Obsession…..and Bill and I always have a good time when we go there.
Edited to paraphrase Heather: So the people coming up with the questions are morons…..who’s the fucking moron that keeps answering them?


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  1. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That one chick is pretty funny, though: “I hate these! They suck! I’m only doing four of them! Morons!” Yet she keeps doing them week after week… who’s the moron?

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