Can it be?

I hope this isn’t going to jinx us but we see seem to be on the road to totally potty trained around here. Brittany hasn’t peed in a diaper since Thursday morning (at school) and she hasn’t done anything in a diaper since Saturday night.
She is asking to go potty now rather than waiting for me to ask if she has to go. Yesterday, we spent alot of time trying to get her to poopy on the potty but she didn’t. And she didn’t go at all, all day.
A little while ago, she came to me and asked for potty so I brought her into the bathroom and sat her down….then she told me to go away – she does that now, I guess she’s a little more comfortable. When she called me to say she was done I said “Okay, you peed?” She said no. “Are you sure you don’t have to pee?” She said yes.
She hadn’t peed. But she did poopy!!
I don’t know who was more excited, me or her – lol 🙂 So we are getting there. The one thing I’d been concerned about her getting over was waiting till bedtime to poop – hopefully she realized that it’s much better to go on the potty than in a diaper and will keep that in mind.
She’s even getting better about going potty when she first wakes up!!
Yes, I really am this thrilled about potty training….diapers are getting to be a pain.


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  1. I can so relate! 🙂

  2. Well, I’m jealous over here. I thought we were making great progress for the past couple of weeks – she even asked to go to the potty one day when we were out shopping and now this week she’s only gone ONE freaking time. ARGH. Not pushing it, but still…I wish the girl would get it!

  3. We’re at about the same stage. Since you’re talking potty stories here – I guess it’d be okay to share: Rachel had been holding poops in – I mean she’s clearly getting the peeing thing – but it’s like she doesn’t know what to do with the poops. One of the times we got her to poop on the potty (it’s one of those little “stand alone” potty’s) it was HUGE! LOL! She was totally freaked out. I swear I think she was afraid of it. We’ll probably never get her to go poops now again! (she’s been holding it in and just going in the diaper she gets when she goes to bed)…
    Which leads me to a question – what are you doing about overnight? Pull ups? Diaper? Niether?

  4. Oh, God…..when we first started this in earnest two weeks ago I was going insane because Brittany was doing the same thing….she would wait until I put her to bed to poopy and then sit there whispering to herself but she wouldn’t let us know she had gone. She is finally getting into asking but she waits until bed time and the very last second…..
    Overnight and nap time she wears a regular diaper for now…..mainly because she was holding the poopy to begin with – such a pain in the butt to change a poopy pull-up! But she wakes up clean and dry 99% of the time.
    She also has to wear a diaper when she’s in school but she is potty training there, too so when they take her to potty she is usually dry.
    When we just go out she wears a diaper but she hasn’t peed while we’re out in about 6 months so I may just start using pull-ups for trips to the store and to see mee-ma and pee-pa and the playground…….

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