Some people….

Some people just should not leave the house.
I went over to Wawa about an hour ago to to get milk and some little things for dinner. I get up to the register – only one open – and there is a woman standing there counting out pennies to see what brand of cigarettes she could buy….at first glance, it could have been my sister.
And I’m standing there with 2 gallons of milk and a 2 litre bottle of soda in my arms.
She finally paid for her cigarettes and stood there in front of the register looking for a pocket to put them in……and continued to stand there while she put het hat and gloves back on. I was just about ready to knock her ass down when the cashier asked her to move aside. She turned to look at me and the rest of the line behind me as if we had inflicted some terrible wrong on her by having the nerve to be waiting behind her.
Anyway, I finally pay for my stuff and get out of the store and out of the parking lot. Rather than going back over Torresdale Ave., I always swing around and go up the street behind the Wawa to come back around here…….just as I get to the corner, guess who’s shuffling acoss the street?


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