Security Issues, etc.

I wanted to do The Friday Five and some other things last night but for some strange reason, the computer up here was giving me a hard time whenever I tried to post an entry or change the template. I went in and added the other cool V-Day buttons some cool people left for me to the sidebar…..first when I saved it, MT signed me out and I had to login again….then, when I tried to rebuild it, I got a goofy error, it wouldn’t post entries but if someone left a comment, that would rebuild enough for my changes to show up. Very odd.

Anyway, Bill got on here this morning and noticed that the security is set astronomically high and the Norton Protection may have also been interfering with it. Not that I have anything to say here that can’t wait till I get home tomorrow……but it keeps me occupied when they go out and Brittany is napping.
So anyway, we went out early this morning and went to eat at our favorite diner up here. Then we went over to Wal-Mart and I got a bunch more sweatpants for Brittany. With her on the road to being totally potty trained, I want to keep it easy so when we are just at home, she wears sweatpants over her unders…..and since the pants are $3 at Wal-Mart, I’m stocking up. Also got her a cute 3 piece outfit with a sweater vest and I got her Easter dress. Figured I’d get it early this year so that I can have time to find her a hat and everything to match. I’m debating whether or not I want to try to make her a shawl. After the blanket, I’m not sure I want to do a big thing right now.
Bill and his dad just went out to Wal-Mart again. They are getting Brittany a new carseat. The one I’m using now has a bunch of belts to be a harness but I hate that. An those belts don’t fit on Brittany when she has her winter coat on….so I’ve been using it as a booster and just putting the regular seatbelt on her. But. The shoulder strap doesn’t go across her well, of course, so she only has the lap belt on. This new chair has a little inlet in the side of it which allows the shoulder belt to come through it at a point where it will fit properly on Brittany, rather than right up at her neck. It’s really nice, I’m glad they found it.
And Bill got a new laptop……the good thing about it is that the other one is mine now 🙂


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