Again this snow….?

Snow… Heavy At Times… Will Continue Over The Region Through Monday. The Snow May Mix With Sleet At Times On Monday. Storm Total Snow Accumulations Of 18 To 25 Inches Are Expected.
Not that I’m complaining mind you 😉
We knew it’d be snowing sometime today. It was just a question of whether it’d wait till we got home or not. The last thing we heard yesterday was that it was going to be starting around three.
Which is good. By three, we would have been home and Bill would have been on his way to work if not already there.
Bill and his dad went out early this morning and got back around 11:00 saying that it was terrible at home and there was driving snow and everything…..remember, I have a toddler, I can’t watch any weather reports 😉
Anyway, we left shortly after they got back and the only snow anywhere in sight was left over from last week.

That’s Bill’s truck right in front of me there….you can see the snow on the mountains in the background. The one that appears to have the most snow on it is a big divider. There is always a pretty good temperature change from one side to the other; the Lehigh Tunnel runs through it.
I expected to emerge on the other side of the tunnel and see cars buried in snow embankments but even by the time we got to Allentown, there was nothing. We stopped at the rest area so Bill could get gas and use the can.

And the only snow in sight was the dirty plowed crap that’s been sitting around….

Reggie was content to hang out in his little travel case…..nice and warm in the car, after all.

And Brittany was happy to be reading….

We got off the Extension at Quakertown because there were a gazillion accidents further down and the turnpike proper was reported to be a total mess. So we just took 309 in all the way from the Quakertown exit. About 15 minutes in we started to see the first few flurries. It got steadily worse.

I was trying to get the temperature on that sign but it didn’t show up real well…says 14degrees. My weather bug shows it as being 13 now. At the same stop, I snapped a pic of the back of Bill’s truck because you can really see how heavy the snow was when we first ran into it…..

After that, it was time to really focus on the road. We passed a few accidents but for the most part, people were being really cautious……save for the few requisite fuckheads that think they are invincible. Ya know, the same fuckheads that cause all the accidents….
The end of 309 was rough for me. I tried to stay in Bill’s tracks but if the wind caught me right I slipped a bit….nothing severe, just feeling the car move where it’s not supposed to is a little unnerving. When we finally got off the highway, the roads were……well……this is Cottman Ave. near Rolling Hill/Elkins Park Hospital.

I was okay to snap a few pictures there because I was in low gear (good traction, low speed) and there was no one behind me. It was an interesting ride to say the least, especially on Cottman near Burholme Park. Passed a few more accidents and some asshat coming out of the naval base nearly drove into the side of my car but otherwise made it home in one piece.
No parking on this street of course and at this point even if a spot opend up, I’m not going to be able to get it. I’m sure my car is already well buried.
By the time this stops tomorrow, I’ll need a forklift to get me out… know, after they plow me in……

Geez. We’re even getting snow up on the porch. That never happens…..


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