Feel Like Makin’ Love…?

I had a memory flash this morning.
I stayed up last night to wait for Bill to get home. He had spent a rather long and extremely cold night out policing and then had to drive home on major highways that had yet to be cleared of snow…..only to have to trek two blocks in 18 inches of snow to get to the house. Not to mention the fact that he’d been up since 7:30 yesterday morning…..and drove 200 miles home….and didn’t get home until close to 1:a.m.
So I put the kettle on to make him a cup of tea and had his sleeping suit sitting out waiting for him. Not much of a help for the rest of the night but he had a warm cup of tea a cozy sweat suit to climb into.
But I remembered this morning something one of my English teachers told us. When you love someone, alot of times, it’s just not necessary to have actual sexual intercourse to make love. After a hard day, if you just meet them at the door with a hug and let them get a good nights sleep….you just made love.
Of course at 16, I thought it was a bunch of hooey….but really. After that day, wouldn’t you rather have a nice hot cup of tea to relax with?


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