Well, it’s till up in the air as to whether or not I actually have to work tomorrow. Right now I would really rather not but if the place is open…I will. I called J., my supervisor to see if she knew anything but they won’t make an announcement about closing the university untill 6 tomorrow morning….they were closed today, though. Maybe they will give it an extra day.
Bill says the streets out there are still terrible and that the trolleys aren’t running. That means I’d have to walk from 40th and Market to 38th and Spruce in this mess. I’d really rather not.
But A. can’t come in tomorrow – she lives in Jersey and they are in a state of emergency, nothing but emergency vehicles on the road. B. was supposed to be back tomorrow after a month long ordeal with something on her leg….she drug it out this long, I’m sure she’ll drag it out another week because of the snow. A. (another one) might be in but J. hasn’t talked to her.
Whether the university is closed or not, J. will be going in tomorrow to take care of the biopsies that should have been done today. Fortunately one of the residents was in and took them out of the histomat….she just put them in one of the wells in the embedding center and then took the well out so that the paraffin would cool, encasing the biopsies until tomorrow – if they sit in the warm paraffin for too long (i.e. overnight) it can ruin the sample. This way, we just melt the big block down tomorrow and the biopsies won’t be degraded at all.
I feel kinda bad that she may have to go in and deal with it all on her own if they are closed…..but that’s what being a supervisor is all about a suppose. At least being a good one.
In any case….I’ve managed to hurt myself pretty badly. I don’t know how or when but I did something to my knee. Now when I walk, it feels like someone is jabbing me in the kneecap with a pencil and it keeps buckling.
That’s actually the big reason I don’t feel like walking 7 blocks tomorrow morning……


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