Car Excavation, Phase Two

I just finished digging my car out. Yesterday, I got the front end done – cleared away the wall of snow from the passenger door, driver door and about a foot from the front end. Then I got in and shook it loose – it really was totally encased in snow! I put it on a slight angle so that it’d be fairly easy to dig the rest of it.
About 5, I went out and cleared the wall away from the back panel and about a foot and from the back…..made sure the tires were clear, put some salt around and drove out of the spot. I pulled halfway into an empty spot across the street and got some dirty looks from one of the neighbors but then I guess they realized that I wasn’t planning on staying there. Then I cleared all the little crap out from under the car, put some more salt down and pulled back into my nice tidy little spot.
Yes, I am as amazed as you are that no one pulled into it while I was getting back into the car, but hey….miracles do happen.
So anyway, it seems the roads are in better condition and though they are not perfect, I will be able to drive tomorrow rather than taking the bus so life is once again, cool. Now if I can find my card to get into the garage we’ll be all set 😉


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