I just got a friggin’ jury duty questionaire. Don’t send it back, right? Uh-huh…last time I did that, they sent me a notice with a date to report anyway. Fortunately, the date was when we were going to be away for our wedding/honeymoon…..I wrote that in the hardship section and they never said anything else about it.
Jury Duty.
I don’t have any legitimate excuses coming up. Except that if I have to go on a work day, I won’t get paid for the time off……there’s a whole waste of a day. Nobody wants me on a jury, I’m married to a cop. No (skilled) defense lawyer in the city will go for a cops wife. And you know that when I do have to go, it won’t be on a Monday or Friday when I have off, it’ll be in the middle of the week so not only do I get to sit among the smelly masses all day but I won’t get paid for it either!!
Still has my maiden name on it, too. Don’t let it be said that City Admin isn’t on the ball.


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  1. I have jury duty tomorrow. I really don’t want to go. it was sent to my maiden name at my old address but I still live in this county so I have to do it! grr.

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