Flood Warning, etc.

Bulletin – Eas Activation Requested Flood Warning National Weather Service Mount Holly Nj 124 PM EST Sat Feb 22 2003
The National Weather Service In Mount Holly Nj Has Issued A
* Flood Warning For… Philadelphia County In Southeast Pennsylvania
* Until 530 PM EST.
* At 118 PM EST… Weather Service Radar Indicated Heavy Rain Falling Over The City Of Philadelphia. The Frankford Creek Is Rising Rapidly And Should Flood By 2 PM. In Addition Flooding Is Possible Along Some Of The Other Creeks In The City. Poor Drainage Flooding Will Occur On Roadways This Afternoon.
Excessive Runoff From This Storm Will Cause Flooding Of Highways… Streets And Underpasses As Well As Poor Drainage Areas And Low Lying Spots.

I’ve been out there….this morning I decided that we needed Krispy Kremes for breakfast and went up to get some. Yeah, sure there is a Fuckin’ Gonuts within walking distance and the only Krispy Kremes is up on Cottman Ave….but sometimes you just need a hot one 😉
Anyway, the gutters are like rivers and the snow is actually melting….or just plain washing away. When I got home I came up with a snow parking mantra: When it starts to melt, all dibs are off.
I’ve been good. There have been times when I got home from work and there were spaces open with no chairs or garbage cans in them…..but I woulda been pissed if someone jumped in mine so I just went back to my little igloo every day.
Today, there are no marked spaces (you know, with snow still there) save for the ones like mine that had a 4 foot wall of snow around them to being with. But people still have shit holding their spaces.
I’ll remember that in June.
Anyway, there was a wide open spot with nothing in it and 6 other completely empty spots so screw it all.
Granted, my car will be floating away shortly…….but at least I can say I got a damn spot on the street for the first time in a week.
So if I’m bitching about my window being broken or tires being slashed tomorrow, you know why.


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