I think we have it….

Brittany is……potty trained. I say theat very tentatively because I’m afraid that she’ll regress the second I admit it………but it seems to be so.

She’s been peeing consistantly in the potty for at least two weeks and the only time she poopied in her diaper during that time was when we were down my parents house on the 13th…..I was still putting diapers on her when we went out, but now she wears unders during her nap and when we go out (on short trips).
The only time she wears a diaper now is when she goes to bed for the night and she wakes up dry and clean. And If she wakes up during the night and has to pee, she asks to go potty…..it doesn’t happen often – thank goodness – but I’m glad that she does that. And whereas she used to wake up in the morning and say “Can you get me a bots of milk?” now she says “Can I go pee on the potty?”…….I think that’s amazing 🙂
I asked her tonight if she liked using the potty better than having to wear a diaper all the time….she had a big grin on her face when she said “Uh-huh, cuz everybody is so proud of me!!”
Her teacher told me on Thursday that she thinks it’s okay for Brittany to wear her unders to school starting this week. Since she’s only there part time (and was only there 2 days this week) I suggested we go one more week of her wearing diapers in school then next week we’ll have her wear panties. Obviously I have to get a few more…..I’ve been cycling 5 pairs around here and I have to send a couple extras in with her……
Off to Wal-mart I go…….


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