Ben & Jerry’s

Since Heather pointed out a neat new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, I went poking around on their web site.
Besides finding that I can have 6 pints shipped to my door for the low low price of $64.95…..the Flavor Graveyard informs me that my all time favorite ice cream – Cool Britannia – has been put out to pasture.
That was the best, man. Vanilla ice cream with nuts and little mini tea cookies with fudge swirl. If I want ice cream, I always look to see if they have that. Then I would decide that since they didn’t have what I really wanted, I’d just pass altogether.
Probably better off not knowing that it was retired. Now I may just settle for the Mint Chocolate Cookie…..or try to find myself a pint of that new Brownie Batter 😉


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  1. I saw on the food network that in Boston they have “the nation’s largest all-you-can-eat ice cream festival”….mmmm

  2. One of my favorites has been retired as well, “Entangled mints” My husband was kind enough to bring me a pint the night our daughter was born… My new favorite is the mint cookie kind…Yummmyyyy !!!!

  3. A bit partial to their Caramel Toffee Bar Heaven, myself 🙂

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