American Idol

**NOTE: I am linking to the people!! If you haven’t watched the show yet and want to be surprised don’t touch the links!**
Okay, I’m happy. Just watched American Idol and overall I’m happy with all the folks that made it through to the top ten – one that I was hoping for tonight didn’t make it……..but I’m thrilled with one and cool with the other.
I am quite happy with two of the contestants (::cough:: – ::cough::) that they are bringing back for the wildcard spots……I just can’t belive they are dragging this out another week!!!
Ah well…….now I have to see what the “twist” is………


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  1. I haven’t seen American Idol for several weeks… so I didn’t get to hear Corey Clark’s performance. But I am so surprised that he is a finalist after what happened his first week on the show. I’m glad they’re bringing Kimberly back, I thought she was better than Julia.

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