Google me now, fuckheads!!

Is it any wonder I love ScriptyGoddess??
I fucking hate google. I hate it!! I always get the most retarded searches bringing people here and then they always leave retarded comments. Granted, there are morons that get here through other search engine but google is the biggest offender.
I hate google!!
And I have done everything to get rid of it.
At long last I have something that may actually deter some of the freaks! Jenn came up with an awesome script (like a year ago) that will send any google searches to a ‘File Not Found’ page!!! Conceivably, a persistent freak could eventually get around it but after trying a few different ways around, I haven’t been able to.
No, I’m still not taking the PW off Brittany’s site.
There is one page that the script hasn’t worked on for some reason….still not sure why sisnce it works on other pages that are set up the same way. But it’s one that doesn’t get alot of search hits so it’s cool for now. I’ll play around with it in a bit to see why it’s not working.
ScriptyGoddess rocks!!!


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  1. Ok, the next script you gotta do is the smilie palette one πŸ˜‰ (… all the animation on the smilies is making it hard to comment… (typing gets slowed down a lot with all that’s going on, for some reason).
    I’m glad the google go away script is useful. πŸ™‚ I’ve gotten NO hits from google since doing that script. AND my “freako commenter” ratio has gone down TREMENDOUSLY. Granted – I’d probably get more “traffic” with google… but considering the types of searches people were finding me under, I’d gladly trade that in. I’m not out to get tons of traffic anyway. I like the group that visits now just fine. πŸ™‚

  2. yeah, i was looking at that one the other day but i was feeling too lazy to work on it at the time. i’m also getting a weird error here….not sure if that’s since i added the dudes or i just didn’t notice it before…….

  3. I couldn’t find your e-mail so I’m leaving this comment…I hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚ I see that you’re using my photoblog templates and just wanted to let you know if you added a   to the table cell at the very bottom of the page which is marked with the “bottombar” class, that will make the style apply…I think the forms I’m using on my site cause that to disappear πŸ™‚

  4. Heh-heh – thanks Amy! I still have a bit of playing to do with it but have to wait till Britt goes to bed now. Have to figure out why the master archive page won’t rebuild

  5. Thanks for posting that link, Heather! I just installed it on my blog.
    My *favorite* Google search freaks are the ones who come to my site, and then actually send me an e-mail to COMPLAIN that I didn’t have what they were looking for.
    Freaks. Now maybe they will go away!
    Thanks again!

  6. Google, Be Gone!

    I was reading this post the other day at Heather’s,

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