We’re still not quite sure what’s happening across the street.
When the cops finally left yesterday, there was one guy left in the house – we really don’t know what that’s all about since even Bill said they normally take everyone in the house.
As soon as everyone pulled away, this one guy got on his Nextel and for the next 8 hours, I watched a swarm of people coming and going in and out of the house…..Bill got home shortly after I went to bed and informed me today that they were in and out of the place until 2 in the morning…..
Someone came out with a buzzsaw about 10:45 last night and closed up a basement window that was knocked out or had fallen out or whatever….they were also doing something with the door that had been broken in but I can’t tell what they did….I’m assuming they just covered the knob opening or something.
They are back again now and it seems that they are bringing things out so with any luck they will just be gone, now……in any case, they will probably lose their Section 8 status and that would make me quite happy 🙂


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