It’s quite beautiful out today. Brittany and I spent a good bit of time in the yard this morning – she was riding her bike around outside for the first time and I was cleaning all the accumumulated crap from the winter.
All the leaves and potato chip bags that fly around seem to collect in the little inlet between the houses and after a winter of rain and snow, it’s quite a joy to clean all that shit up every spring.
But today was a good day for it.
Once I get the bags out of there, we’ll be all set for summer fun 🙂
I want to get a sprinkler this year. And I don’t want an inflatable pool. I either want to get one with collapsable sides or just a plastic one……maybe with a slide 😉
This does not by any means indicate that I am happy to see the warm weather back….I still hate it. But it’s nice to take Brittany outside in a sweatsuit. And not have to deal with her nose running from the cold…..


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  1. Nice pic you have there

  2. How nice can a screen capture of my icon tray be? You fruitloop……

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