American Idol

After sitting through an hour of watching a bunch of recaps and totally unnecessary crap…..

…………I’m only disappointed that she made it to the bottom three (along with this one) and wasn’t cut – again! The one that did get cut never really made much of an impression on me one way or the other…..I’m definitely not as disappointed as I was when Vanessa was cut.
My favorites…..
I can’t even put these guys in order because every week they just amaze me. I predict that the final three overall will be Clay, Joshua and, of course, Ruben. They are exceptional and every time they sing I want to jump up and down and yell my head off for them.
I would love to see Kimberly and Trenyce go the distance but I think they are too inconsistant. I can see all five of them getting record deals out of this but I really think it’s gonna be one of the guys that makes it all the way this time.


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  1. so, so close. yet so far. i wish corey would just crawl under a rock somewhere. really.
    and julia? have you noticed how much she *doesn’t* want to be there? she HATES this competition and she hates performing.
    i felt bad about charles – he didn’t make much of an impression, but i can name four other people i would have voted off instead of him.
    also, clay is my secret boyfriend.

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