Take it back.

People like this get on my last freakin’ nerve. I don’t have a problem if you wanna protest – be my guest, have a ball. But all you do with stunts like this is piss people off. Pissed because you tied up traffic and kept them from getting to work and going about their regularly scheduled program…..hey, speaking of work….don’t you people have jobs of your own? or school to be attending? Or are you just full-time troublemakers?
Look folks, obviously, there are a gagillion and one people out there voicing their opinions on everything…..and we all know what they say about opinions. But think about it……
Bill and I were discussing a show we were watching this past weekend about the religious and scientific debate over evolution. There is a religious group that wants public schools to teach an alternate version of the theory of evolution. If I remember correctly, they weren’t trying to get them to stop teaching Darwin, just offer an alternate….that the earth only came into existance when man was created and is actually only about 6000 years old, as is supported by the Bible with the story of creation. I don’t want to go into a whole thing on it but I think I will over the weekend.
Anyway, I found it interesting that the person that was on the show to speak about the scientific evidence (in favor of Darwin’s theory) was very well spoken and knowledgable and presented the facts effortlessly. The person speaking for the religious group was slouched down in his chair, wearing a rumbled suit, speaking with a backwood hick accent and didn’t really have anything but the Bible to support the theory…..
I said to Bill…”Okay, just take the two people here. Pretend that we have never learned anything about either Darwin or the Bible and just look at these two people. Which one do you think you’d be a little more inclined to agree with?”
The point I’m trying to make is that when you go out and annoy everyone and get up in their face (or blog) and you really don’t have anything to support any of the aguments you start…..all you are managing to do is sway people that are still sitting on the fence a little further towards the other side.
As I stated the other day, I love Dubbya. I am not happy that we are at war – Jesus, people I have a three year old daughter, why would I want for us to go to war? But I know that this is something that needs to be done, sooner or later…..and I would prefer sooner. The longer we wait the greater chance there is of something happening closer to home.
The link I posted last night about what happened at the Sun refinery in Marcus Hook was way too close to home for me. Not only do we have numerous refineries within Philadelphia, we also have Rohm and Haas and Allied Chemical right around the freakin’ corner from my house….and if something happens here, Bill has to be there. Not just because he’s a cop, he’s also trained for haz-mat response.
I don’t like it.
And – to use a Barsky-ism – we have to get rid of the absessed tooth to get rid of the infection.
I was going to write letter tonight. I may yet do that because I really want to but before I do, I want to let you know that I’m taking it back.
My blog, that is. And the journal.
It’s not even just those, whenever I have a really strong opinion about anything I have a tendancy to keep it to myself instead of ranting all over about it….well, there are two exceptions. But they just get it. I don’t even have to explain myself, they just get it.
And if you don’t get it…well, there are other blogs and journals you might enjoy…..


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  1. There were people doing that shit in Boston yesterday as well…tying up traffic and all. I agree that people are entitled to their own opinions…and that some of them really do need to GET LIVES! How is making people late for work or school going to have an effect on things?
    They should march someplace where they are not the fuck in everyone’s way!

  2. Most protesters aren’t there to convert the opposition, but rather to let their voices be heard and their numbers be counted. I do agree that it’s inconvenient for everyone, but then again, so is war.

  3. Word has it that tomorrow they will be blocking the highways here. They’ve been heard. And grumbled about. Enough already.
    And I think when they make a public spectacle such as this they are hoping to “convert” people, hoping that people will go “Hey – wow! That guy jumped in front of a car for his cause! They must be right!”
    I really don’t have a problem with it if you want to protest….fine, just do it out of the way.

  4. My biggest worry is that while the police are busy babysitting protestors their attention is getting drawn away from keeping an eye out for terrorists.
    Then again, looks like the terrorists don’t need a whole lot of help – the anti-war protestors can do the job for them (“Give peace a chance”, eh?)

  5. Exactly! Fortunately, I think our PD is handling it well….for a change. They are taking 2 or 3 guys from each district and sending them into Center City to beef up the police presence there.
    And! People that are protesting on government property are being handled by the federal police, not the city, and they are going to federal court 😉

  6. We had a bunch like this in Pittsburgh, and along with the “truly dedicated” peace tpes, there were the anti-everything kiddies with the masks on their faces who were banging on cars (parked and those of drivers’ whose way they were blocking) turning over trashcans and newspaper boxes, and essentially making a menace of themselves. 121 of them were arrested, but it really cheesed me off to think that other people in the city were left without police protection because four dozen cops (including mounted officers) had to come into downtown to corral the little cretins. Gah. Why can’t these nimrods voice their opposition in an orderly, lawful, safe manner?

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