I know!

I have the coolest idea!!!
I am gonna go through my list of links and get rid of all the people that don’t like Queen.
And everyone that isn’t a redhead has to go.
Don’t have kids? You’re gone, too.
And God help you if you like chocolate ice cream!

fa·ce·tious – adj. Playfully jocular; humorous: facetious remarks.
    [French facétieux, from facétie, jest, from Latin factia, from factus, witty.]
fa·cetious·ly adv.
fa·cetious·ness n.


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  1. I’m confused. 🙂

  2. Can I stay? I like Queen, I have red hair, and I have a kid … oh yeah – and I’m open-minded and I have a sense of humor!
    (Who’s messing with you? You want I should go beat somebody up?)

  3. I knew I should’ve gone with the Luscious Henna instead of the Staid Sable hair colour. Dammit. 😉

  4. Nothing really, I just think it’s funny to see all the people that are updating their links to reflect who agrees with them or they agree with, however you wanna look at it. I mean, I was living under the dilusion that blogs were fun becase of the differences 🙂

  5. What about those who qualify for some of your criteria except for the red head and chocolate part? [he he he] Don’t dump me please! [sniff sniff] 😉

  6. Heather,
    The fact that people are doing this, is the reason I avoid most blogs. The blog scene is too much of a one-sided group of cliques. Very few blogs that encourage good debate.
    It reminds me of the beginning of the downfall of irc where chat channels were prettyt much taken over by folks and their bots and anyone who said something they didn’t like, they would kick and ban them. Eventualy, IRC became what it is today – tens of thousaands of folks online that never say anything anymore.
    I can see blogs becoming the same.

  7. Too many blogs have already been down that road….most of the time, I think it’s just random morons with really nothing better to do that like to cause trouble – live leaving infantile and derogatory comments (more often than not, with a bogus name/e-mail) and then flaming others in their own blog, etc.
    But now it’s people that I thought were tolerant and intelligent…what’s up with that? I mean, I don’t agree with everything said by the people I link to ro the people that link to me but, damn…..I hate it when Bill eats peanuts, am I supposed to get a divorce?
    BTW, Steve, use whatever e-mail addy you want – as long as I can tell it’s you, you’re okay.

  8. I haven’t noticed any sort of trend in changing links but then again, I don’t read many weblogs. I read all sorts of opinions but I don’t link to every weblog I read (mostly because I’m too lazy to update my .php file — I really need to get on the bandwagon and get a blogrolling account). 🙂
    I think the deal is that politics divide AND unite people. It’s not like peanuts or hair color or music. I’ve seen relationships break up because of differences in politics. I’ve seen friendships suffer. It sucks, but it happens. We should all be more tolerant, I agree, and tolerance starts with not categorizing the opposition (whatever it is) as stupid, uncaring, or moronic. When it descends into name-calling and insulting, or stereotyping, that’s where feelings get hurt and relationships suffer. I see it happen on both sides of this issue.
    You and I don’t agree about the war, but I respect your opinions and enjoy reading your take on things. Sasha and I don’t agree, but she’s enlightened me on a few things (hasn’t changed my mind, but has made me more tolerant of the people who want this war). I think we all need to be a little more open-minded, not because it changes minds, but because seeing the world from a different perspective gives us wisdom we wouldn’t otherwise have.

  9. I think we all need to be a little more open-minded, not because it changes minds, but because seeing the world from a different perspective gives us wisdom we wouldn’t otherwise have.
    That is my new favorite quote, Kym 🙂 I realize that I way oversimplified things in this post but some of the things people are saying almost seem like “Well, you like her, so I’m not your best friend anymore.”
    It’s all schoolyard disagreements and it’s just plain silly, where if we just stop and listen to what others have to say (or write), the world may make a little more sense……we may not agree with it, but at least we can understand the oppositions logic behind their support.
    “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.” I don’t even disapprove….I may not agree, but I don’t disapprove 😉

  10. Awesome! I have said something quotable. This might be a first. 🙂

  11. Amen! They say politics and religion are the two hot-button topics that can rip people apart – people are (rightfully!) deeply wedded to their own ideas and ideals, of course. But I never have understood why they *need* to be the Capital-I-Issues that they can turn into. If an intelligent person I like doesn’t agree with me about something, who cares? I’m secure enough in what I believe that I’m not going to feel threatened by a different perspective, and I have enough faith in the people I already know and respect to trust them to come to their own conclusions for their own valid reasons. And hey – isn’t it cool to live someplace where we’re all *allowed* to disagree and still get along?
    What kills me is that almost universally, everyone’s ideology is the same – there really aren’t a whole lot of people out there saying either, “Bomb the hell outta them – I love war!” or, “Saddam can do whatever he wants to his people – they’re letting him, who cares?” Ultimately, most people seem to agree on two fronts: war is never really a *desireable* outcome, per se, and Saddam Hussein is, well, wicked. For heaven’s sake, we’re all people, we’re mostly good-hearted, and fundamentally, we’re all the same. Everyone just comes into a situation with a different take on how to handle it, and “right” or “wrong” doesn’t enter into it. Different people think differently. Period. And isn’t that something they start teaching kids in kindergarten? 🙂

  12. I think that a lot of people are pruning their reading lists because it can become just too frustrating to read people who are vehement about things in a way that you find offensive, and there are a bunch of bloggers out there who aren’t capable of presenting their opinions on hot button topics without being insulting — whether that’s intentional or not. There are people that I know that I’ve stopped reading because there was no more point. I couldn’t be interested in what they had to say, and I wasn’t going to comment because I had no interest in arguing with them. Being open-minded can only go so far.

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