Okay…..after a bit of thought…..

….I think I’m going to invest in a reusable menstrual cup.
I’ve been using Instead for quite a while – at least 5 years now – and absolutely love it. I first bought them on a whim….went to the store to stock up on the usual and saw them on the shelf next to the tampons. “An alternative to pads and tampons.” That was all it took.
When I got home, I opened the package and read how it works and was a little apprehensive, but really wanted something different. Pads just plain suck and tampons make my cramps worse than they already are. But these things looked a little odd…..
But as soon as I tried them, I was hooked. I loved it.
Still do. But….I dunno. I think the big factor in deciding to get a reusable one is just the cost. They run about $30 and then that’s it. I spend about $6-$7 for a package of 24 Instead. Sure, you can use them longer than pads and tampons so you don’t go through as many of them in a cycle but it still adds up. It’s not alot of money but the idea of theoretically never having to buy them again is pretty sweet.
In reality, I probably will still keep a supply of Instead around just in case.
Anyway…a friend 🙂 bought herself The Keeper and seems to like it well enough. But….I think I may go for a Mooncup or a DivaCup….most likely the DivaCup. And if I order before April 20th, I get free shipping – whoo-hoo!
Okay….now that I’ve shared way too much information with everyone, I’m going to go make myself a sandwich 🙂


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