Wake up…..stare.

Speaking of Brittany…..she has a new way of waking me up on my days off. Rather than the good ol’ days when she used to call from her room hey, mama – get your lazy ass out of bed (I paraphrase, of course), now……now she really gets in my face.
At first she just puts her face right up at mine. And stares. I can only assume she learned this from the cats.
Since she does this at 6:45 on my days off, I grunt something about her going back to sleep and roll over. So she climbs over me and lays down. And stares at me from the other side.
I whisper for her to go back to sleep – she was up till 11 again she could use another hour!
She lays back and closes her eyes, as do I.
Then she’s back. In my face. Whispering at me!
“Mama…..Mama, can you ge me some milk?”
How the hell am I supoosed to ignore that?!?!
::sigh:: 🙂


Posted on 28|03|2003, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I have the exact same problem. Thankfully not that early in the morning but Meg just gets in my face! After a while she just starts singing, talking to me or asking me questions. Ugh, did anyone read this in the motherhood contract because I sure missed it!? LOL

  2. Well fortunately she is actually letting me sleep in – I have to get up at 5 on the days I work and I get her up at 6:00. I dunno….maybe an extra 45 minutes is cool when you’re that young :- Me….I’d rather get at least to 8:30.

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