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Space Case

Just to show you how completely lost I’ve been lately….
I completely forgot until this morning that Thursday is the day we’re having our Happy Hour at Dave&Buster’s courtesy of The Point 🙂

My computer rocks!

Sometimes I love my computer 🙂
I just came up here expecting to spend a half hour setting up our new printer. I plugged the power plug into the outlet and plugged the printer cable into one of the cool extra USB ports I have on the back of my keyborad.
As I was reaching over to get the disc that came with it to install all the printer crap I saw a little pop-up in the corner:

New Hardware found – Lexmark Z32

Then my computer proceeded to find the drivers all on it’s own and install my printer without me doing a damn thing – how cool is that?!?
It’s the little things, don’tcha know…..


Anyone want to fill me on on why I’m getting a gazillion hits from

CDs to order

Some CDs we have to order:
Linkin Park / Meteora
Evanescence / Fallen
Lucy Woodward / While You Can
Elton John / Greatest Hits 1970 – 2002
No Doubt / Rock Steady
Cold / Year of the Spider
Probably more but that’s all I can think if right now and I have shit to do….


I love this song…..
Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

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I found this instant messenger last night through Rolling Stone and I’m diggin’ it – it’s like Trillian, I suppose, as you can use it for AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ….of course, since I only ever use AIM, I don’t have any names on the others – lol 🙂
AIM – HeatherVMLT
Yahoo! – HeatherVMLT
I don’t have ICQ…..I did a looooong time ago when they first started but I haven’t used it in so long I couldn’t even guess what my user ID is.

Raising Hell

I just found a new favorite hangout — raising hell : a new genre in parenting 🙂

Cover Letter

Okay….much as I hate writing these friggin’ things, I actually managed to come up with a cover letter that doesn’t sound half bad. I’m open to constructive criticism….

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Cover Letters

Anyone interested in writing a cover letter for me? I hate writing these things :-

I lay myself down…

Brittany says her night time prayers now….after I read her a story, we pray. But the past few nights, I haven’t been allowed to help.
“I lay myself down to sleep
And pray the Lord
…and she pauses…and then rattles off…..
“Dada and Mama and Meema and Peepa and Mountain Peepa and Craigy and Mags…(family)
and Rudy and Tiger and Dominic and Sabrina and Lucky and Smiley and Eddie and Dino and MamaCat and Ranger and Deucy…(all the cats)
and Reggie….(the gecko)
and Miss R. and Miss M……(her teachers)
and Miss J. (my boss) and Miss A. and Miss A…..(my other co-wokers that she loves)
and (this is my favorite) Olie and Zowie and Spot and Blue and Slippery and Tickety and Magenta.
Amen is right…..even after we say goodnight and turn off the light I hear her in there either going over the list again or trying to think of more people to bless.