We are supposed to go to the aquarium tomorrow. We had planned on taking Brittany down there for her birthday expecially since she has an increased fascination with fish these days….she’s always been intrigued by seascapes but it’s really intensified recently.
So we planned this trip to the aquarium.
She thinks we’re going to see the fish at Petco.
But we may not even do that….apparently there is some really crappy weather moving in. It’s been pretty chilly here all week but now they are saying that tomorrow will bring some snow and ice. Not much, they say like 3 inches and that’s really nothing to the Blazer but I don’t know about going all the way down to Maryland in that….and it’s supposed to be just ice further south of here.
I guess we’ll just see what the word is in the morning. I hope the weather doesn’t screw this up again….last time we wanted to go it was freezing rain :-p

Three To Five Inches Of Snow And Sleet Is Expected In Bucks County With The Highest Amounts In The Northern Half Of The County. Elsewhere One To Three Inches Of Snow And Sleet Are Expected To Accumulate And The Sleet Could Make For Slippery Traveling Conditions.


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