It does say April, right?

I took that about 10:30 when I got back from a quick run to Wawa. Now, it’s covering the sidewalks a bit, too. Quite the lovely spring day :-


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  1. i notice that a lot of bloggers are complaining about snow. y’all should all move to texas. it’s nice here!

  2. Thing is, I never complain about the snow. I love snow! It just pisses me of that in April on a day when we had a big even planned it’s going to snow!
    Not supposed to be snowing! I’m supposed to be complaining that we need to turn on the AC…..
    Ah, well…..maybe two weeks from today, it won’t be snowing….

  3. Oh, come to Toronto. We had an ice storm. We moved in the snow. It’s still going on out there! ..I love my new country and I love the weather, mostly, but boy do I ever hate it when spring comes and the snow’s still happening.

  4. Still can’t get over the weather you’re having…

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