Monthly Archives: May 2003

Beetle Brain

LOL – Beetle Brain!!
Yeah……it’s the little things that amuse me 🙂


….and after all that, I’m awake before Brittany :-


I can’t sleep.
We got home about 10:00, I got Brittany to bed and went through all the mail that had piled up while I was gone. I just wasn’t tired.
So I went downstairs and wound up watching Memphis Belle.
And I’m still not goddamn tired!!
Well, that’s not entirely true. I am quite tired but something just doesn’t seem right around here. I think it’s gonna take me a while to get use to the warm weather again because now there are all these people outside….and we all know what a people person I am.
Problem is all these people roaming around are causing our security lights to blink on and off constantly and it’s creeping me out. I keep flipping the TV to check the cameras – yes, we are that paranoid – to see what’s going on…..there is nothing happening, but it’s still creepy.
And then there was the guy that knocked looking for Jimmy….quite confused when I told him there was no Jimmy here and doubtful that I’d never heard of Jimmy. I was in the kitchen when he knocked right after we got home….if it wasn’t for Brittany standing in the living room yelling to me that someone was knocking on the door, I wouldn’t have answered it. Who the fuck goes knockin’ at 10:30 at night, anyway?!?
At least it’s raining now, maybe everyone will go home.
Yes, it’s 1 in the morning and my dumb-ass neighbors are still out.
We need to move :-

Finding Nemo

We saw Finding Nemo 🙂
Bill and I took Brittany to the first show over at the Stroud Mall and it was just really good – very funny.
I think Brittany enjoyed it, too 😉
Go see it. I’m gonna see if my mom wants to take my nephew to see it this weekend…..I mean, I guess I could sit through it again.
If I have to.


New journal entry.

Coloring Fun

Just some great links for coloring and learning pages 🙂
Coloring Book Fun
Nick Jr.
Learning Page

Spontaneous Vacation

Okay, so on a whim I decided to come up the mountains.
I asked J. yesterday if I could have today off and when Bill and I got home we packed up and came up here again.
Bill and his dad are gonna go to Harry’s to see if they can find anything they can use to fix my car – they found a new door the last time they were there. Today they are looking for a tail light and a new rearview mirror…mine fell off when they guy hit me and the mirror cracked so we can’t just put it back on. I never realized just how much I use the damn thing :-
Me on the other hand…I’m going to sit around and do nothing today cuz I feel like crap……stupid cramps. So I’m gonna work on some learning sheets with Brittany and let her color for a while. I dunno…..if my Tylenol kicks in anytime soon, we may go over to the store or something. I may check out the playground but I have a feeling it’ll be all mud….everything here is and we’re on the side of a mountain, the playground is at the base.
We’ll see, I guess.

80s Quiz

Who’da thunk knowing ALF’s real name would come in handy some day…..

I got 97 out of 100.
I suddenly feel really old and I’m only gonna be 26 next month :-
Swiped from Colleen 🙂

No more drama

I’m taking all the sister crap and keeping it in the journal….so the big drama is gonna be over there now. It’s starting to bug me that I’m getting links directly to those pages from things that I can’t get into….besides, it was a pain in the butt going back and forth trying to find things for that timeline and I still haven’t found everything I know I have.
So anyway, you want it…you know where to find it.

No Steve Martin Here :-)

Brittany had her first visit to the dentist today 🙂

She did really well, they weren’t sure if they would be able to clean her teeth and told me “We’ll give it a shot but if she doesn’t want to do it, we’ll just check them today.” Uh, yeah….whatever.
I guess most kids give them a hard time about it but I actually would have been surprised if Brittany spazzed. I’ve been telling her about it all week and letting her know what they’d be doing. I think she was surprised by the office more than anything.
I told her the dentist was a doctor for her teeth. So I think she was a little surprised when we walked into a waiting room that looks like a mini-Chuck-E-Cheese’s. They had video games and trains running around the room and a playhouse and a truck to drive around – it was neat!
Then we went into one room to have her teeth cleaned and it was all glittery. she sat and let the tech count and clean her teeth then we went into the “Carousel Room” to see the dentist.
She not only came home with a new toothbrush….she got a badge (“Just like Da’s!”), a 12oz. cup and a nice T-shirt that she just had to wear to bed 🙂
I want to go to Brushie-land!