Suckiest bunch of sucks….

Attn: Those who troll for traffic by commenting on with an original, noteworthy observation like “these questions suck”: I shouldn’t care, and I don’t really, but for godssake, no one’s sticking a gun to your head and forcing you to play the Friday Five game. If you think it’s so stupid, don’t bother – or submit your own brilliant gems of questions. I can tell you with no reservations whatsoever that Heather is allllllllways on the lookout for good FF questions, and since you obviously have impeccable taste and a genius, inventive mind, I have no doubt she’d love to hear from you.

Swiped this disclaimer from Kathy because 1% of the people that visited the Friday Five this week think my questions suck.
They’re really “bringin’ on the heartbreak”…
Get it…? They’re “bringin’ on the….cuz it’s a song and….ah, forget it.
You suck.


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  1. I’m on Livejournal, and I see people not crediting the Friday Five all the time, which just pisses me off to no end — on my friends list I found a girl who credited it to another Livejournaller, who no doubt neglected to give tribute to Heather.
    And no matter how many times I post about this, it still happens. These people are artists, don’t you think they’d understand how to credit something?

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