Where am I now…?

I am friggin’-a tired.
My mom finally had her shoulder operated on today. She had to be there at 6 this morning so after the not-so-happy hour last night, I just spent the night at their house since someone had to be there to see my nephew off to school.
I told them to just get me up when they were leaving – my dad woke me at 5:10.
I was planning on going into their room, re-setting the alarm and going back to sleep until 7:00 when I had to get my nephew up….and I did.
Then I realized that my nephew was already awake…and, after he used the bathroom and let the seat crash back down when he was done, so was Brittany.
Anyway, the surgury went well. They thought that they might have to replace the whole cuff but once they got in and could actually look at it, they saw that it was possible to just repair it. They also removed a spur that was about the size of the doctors thumb.
She was done by 8 and Brittany and I went up to see her this afternoon. She’s in a lot of pain and refuses to use the morphine button until she just can’t take it anymore….
She’ll be home late tomorrow morning though…they told her she can expect it to be uncomfortable for 6-8 weeks.
She’s been putting up with the excrutiating pain for more than a year now….I think she might be able to handle some discomfort for 2 months 😉


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  1. I hope your mom recovers quickly from the surgery. I know how bad rotator cuff hurts…I was battling a double rotator cuff injury and now I’m down to one and am supposed to have surgery but am too broke to do it. Please let me know how her recovery goes so I know what to expect…and be honest! 🙂

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