Driving Directions

I have an artists reception to go to tomorrow afternoon. The guy that used to design our sets at Little Flower has an exhibit going on all this month. I saw it listed on an events calendar and contacted the promoter to find out some more information.
Apparently, she told him I was asking and he called me. The last time I saw him, was about 3 weeks before Brittany was born….we chatted and caught up for a bit. He’s not doing the sets at LF anymore because Sr. M. is no longer the Stage Crew moderator….that sucks!
Anyway, he took my address and sent out a ticket for me and Bill.
So, I pulled up Yahoo! to get a map and driving directions:
(Take the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge)

3. Continue on RT-73 SOUTH 7.6
4. Continue on RT-73 SOUTH/RT-73 N 1.6
5. Bear Right on a local road 0.1
6. Continue on W RT-70 0.3
7. Continue on E RT-70 1.4
8. Continue on RT-70 EAST 0.6

Why can’t they just say follow 73 to 70 and then take 70 to…..I know it’s not that difficult.
Well, I’m tired….spent the day rearranging Brittany’s room – kids got some heavy ass furniture! So I’m gonna get a shower and hop in bed early, I think.


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