May Day :-)

The May Day Project - Saturday May 10th 2003
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Since we are going to be in and out for a good bit of the day, I’m just going to post whenever I get a few minutes….most of the pictures will probably go up at the end of the day.

7:45 – Brittany gets up and goes to the bathroom, waking me up in the process. Bil is already up and lets me know that he and his dad are gonna go to the junkyard in Quakertown to see if they can find anything for the new toy. No biggie, I’m gonna check in at the Weight Watchers meeting in Stroudsburg, anyway.

8:40 – Brittany and I head out to go to Weight Watchers and….

…get there around 9:15. I stayed the same this week which kinda sucks because I had been hoping to get my ten pound ribbon this week, but what can you do. It’s the mountain air, ya know? Pulling me down a little more….extra gravity. Right?

10:00 – On the way back to the house, I drive through Dunkin’ Donuts. Shut up, okay…I needed coffee. I got a medium black coffee and Brittany got two sprinkle donuts.

10:35 – We just got back to the house. Brittany ate the sprinkles off one donut and I threw the rest of it outside for the groundhog that lives down the hill. We wonder how he gets so tubby by the end of the summer. Bill and his dad are still out so I’m gonna get changed and knit for a while while Brittany watches House of Mouse.

11:05 – Brittany watching Dora on CBS or whatever channel they show Nick Jr. on today.

11:15 – It may become a scarf…..someday. These are really cool bright colors, but no matter how many times I tried to get them, it just didn’t work…..kind of a dismal day in the Poconos today :-

11:55 – Still waiting for Bill and his dad to get back….I visit with one of the locals for a few minutes and give him a little chow. This is Deucy….he stops by every day and just hangs around. He also keeps an eye on the little grey cats that live under the storage shed.

While I was out there, I decided to take my ‘before’ picture. Before what? šŸ˜‰

12:45 – Did the dishes….and debated whether or not Brittany should have a nap. She was a total pain when I tried to get her to take one yesterday so I may just keep her up and put her to bed early again.

1:30 – Bill and his dad finally get back. Brittany gives them a hand trying to see if the fog lamps they got will fit or not.

2:45 – We get over to Walmart. I was planning on getting my hair done but they can’t get me in until 4:00.

3:15 – We roam around the store (and I get some nifty new underwears šŸ˜‰ but decided against waiting…..the point of me trying to get it done at Walmart was so Bill could walk around with Brittany while I did….but we were already getting the shopping done….

3:35 – Brittany passes out on the way home.

3:55 – We get back to the house and even though Brittany’s eyelids were droopy, she refused to go back to sleep… I printed out a bunch of coloring sheets and worksheets and we did them till she got bored.

4:45 – Decided to go for an easy dinner of Cream of Mushroom soup and sandwiches all around šŸ˜‰

6:30 – Brittany had a fit. She had been chasing the cats around since dinner. We told her several times to have a seat…she fell twice, got scratched 3 times and still didn’t learn so we sent her to her room.

7:15 – Brittany asked if it was time for bed yet. So we read a story and say a prayer and she actually goes right to sleep for a change.

7:45 – Back to knitting. You can see the colors better in this one šŸ˜‰
And that’s pretty much the end of the day around here.


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  1. Do you have two homes or is the one in the mountains your in-laws? I’m confused. I always read your entries that you are going to the mountains but I’m wondering where it is and who’s it is. (Just helps visualize the setting a little better šŸ˜‰

  2. Well, we do have two houses, but this isn’t one of them. The mountain house is my father-in-law’s house…we just freeload on a regular basis šŸ˜‰

  3. If you have two houses then where is the other one?

  4. Awwwwww. Lovely pictures. That last one is soo sweet.

  5. Wow – Brittany is getting to be so big! Time is just flying!!

  6. Nice. I like the quickie dinner. Quickie dinners are good dinners. šŸ˜€

  7. Hey, I’ve always wanted to ask someone who goes to “The Mountains” this question. What exactly does one do up the mountains?? When you own a house down the shore, you have the beach, amusement piers, boardwalk, ect. But what is up in the mountains?
    You have to excuse me I may be a bit ignorant, I’ve lived in the city all my life, and just always went to the shore on the weekends. Was always curious why people go up there.

  8. I was also a shore kid šŸ˜‰ Still am, really, I can’t wait to get down the shore this year.
    Since we do have the house up there, I think I have a different perspective on what one does in the mountains. I mean we go to the mall and Walmart and even just the local playground….and on the rainy days, we don’t feel like we’re missing anything when we stay inside and watch TV or geek.
    But we like to go skiing and shooting and hit all the tourist crap in the off season. I wanted to go to Camelback this past weekend to take Brittany down the Alpine Slide but the weather was just too cold and damp – which is generally the way I like it, but it wouldn’t have been much fun for Brittany to fall off the slide into the mud……then again…..
    In the summer we have a little pool for Brittany and cookout on the deck when we get back from the fairs. and best of all, we get Christmasses with tons of snow šŸ˜‰
    I guess it’s just a matter of taste, really. I love to spend a few days down the shore once or twice a year….maybe head to Atlantic City for a weekend. But I always feel like I need to be doing something. If I just want to relax, I go up to the mountains and I don’t feel pressured to do anything. Not to mention we have more than 7 acres of land up there to wander around….now that Brittany is a little bigger, I can take her out exploring šŸ˜‰
    Does that make any sense?
    Next week, I’m going to take my mom up there to go shopping at the factory outlet mall…..

  9. Oh, it makes perfect sense. Sounds really nice and relaxing actually. I just always pictured houses up the mountains as a tiny one room cabin surrounded by trees for miles and miles.
    The farthest I’ve ever gone on the NE Extention is to Lehigh Valley exit for Dorney Park and the Drive-ins.
    Oh, by the way, where did you get that Flyers sweatshirt? Never seen one like that.

  10. Well, the house isn’t huge there, but it has two bedrooms and is actually much more spacious than this house…’s cool šŸ™‚
    I actually got that sweatshit on one of our shopping trips up there. There is an amzing outlet mall right at the intersection of 611 and 715 called The Crossings…..there is a Majestic outlet store in there and they have some great sales. it was a $40 sweatshirt and I got it for $10.
    Also got a $70 pair of Reeboks for $30 at the Reebok store…Bill got a $90 pair for $30 and his dad got a pair for free – buy 2 get the 3rd pair free šŸ˜‰
    And since I’m on the subject, I got a king sized comforter at the Wamsutta/Springmaid outlet for $6.63 šŸ˜‰ I love this mall šŸ˜‰

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