New Phones :-)

We got new phones 🙂
Since Nextels patent on the two-way radios has run out and their phones and seveice have not improved, we decided to go with Sprint. For the time being, they don’t have the radio, but expect to in about December.
However! For both Bill and I, we are paying about half as much a month as we do with Nextel. We get free unlimited calling between Sprint phones, 500 minutes, free nights and weekends and internet service for what works out to be about $70 a month – for both, not each 😉
And it’s a camera phone which is just way cool…..I snapped a picture of Bill with it last night and saved it in his phonebook entry. Now whenever he calls, rather than just saying “Bill” it puts his picture on the screen – mwahahahaha!!!
I am easily amused 😉


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