20 Questions

1. Who is your best online friend? Heather
2. Who is your oldest online friend? Candi
3. Who is your newest online friend? Hmmm. Any volunteers? I dunno.
4. Do you write your own HTML or use an editor? Which editor? When I have to, I write my own in Notepad. Thank God for CMSs, man. I do not miss the days of handcoding my journal entries.
5. Which browser do you prefer? I hate to sing the praises of any Microsoft creation but IE is really the easiest to please :-
6. What’s on your computer desk, apart from the PC? A whole lotta junk. Various computer accessories like my speakers, wireless network adapter, card reader, scanner, etc….new phone charger….pictures and drawings I keep meaning to scan…a bunch of CDs…..the yarn and hook I’m using to learn to crochet….and a Bob the Builder truck that Brittany brought in for me to play with before she went to bed.
7. Which page is your start page? My MT main menu. Usually the first thing I go to anyway….
8. How many email addresses do you have? Two….one catch-all for the domains and one through our ISP. Wait….I have a Yahoo account, too, but I only use it to check the afore mentioned accounts when I’m not home.
9. Which version of Windows do you use? XP. I miss 2000, I’m looking forward to 2003 since it’s supposed to be cool like 2000 was…but I would prefer to use a Linux based system…..I just don’t have the time to learn a whole new OS right now :-
10. How many hours a day do you spend online? Depends. On days that I work and if Bill is on 4-12, easily 3 hours after Brittany goes to bed. If he’s on daywork, maybe an hour. Days I’m off I spend way too much time here. I’m off tomorrow.
11. If you use a graphics program, which one do you use? PSP7
12. How many emails do you get a day? Too many. I get alot of junk….and Verizon’s filters are friggin’ useless these days. I guess I get about 10-15 message that I want to read….thank God for MailWasher.
13. Which is your favorite website? I’m not gonna answer that, it gets complicated because Ihave favorite blogs and favorite journals and favorite commercial sites….so forget it. If I liknk it somewhere around here, I like it.
14. Which instant messenger do you use? AIM….AOHell can suck my ass but their messenger is cool. Now as soon as we can use it on the new phones we’ll be all set.
15. Which is your favorite computer game? Sims (of course) and Phantasmagoria.
16. Do you use chatrooms? If so, which is your favorite? No, I’ve used the chat feature on AIM with deathboobiegoddessfuckingcon but the whole chat scene just ain’t me….I’m too antisocial.
17. What size monitor do you have? Damed if I know….15, I think.
18. What sort of connection do you have? DSL
19. What’s your favourite computer add-on e.g. webcam? I’d have to say my card reader…..makes transferring and saving my digital pictures soooooooo easy 🙂
20. When did you first get online? 1994.
Swiped from Tina 🙂


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