Get me a cell next to hers…

….on second thought, don’t. Just go take this quiz…..came acoss it last night and bookmarked it, now I forget who linked it – sorry!
How Dodgey Are You?
How refreshing that there are still people around like you, who respect society and the law. Your Grandparents would be proud. You have a good knowledge of the law and a good public spirit, or you have rarely left the house… Either way – keep it up old fruit!
Based on your answers, we have calculated the maximum penalty for your crimes*:
Years in prison: 17.5 Potential fine: £0
*Please note this is just a fun quiz so don’t be alarmed by your score! The maximum penalty has been taken for each crime and no consideration for scale of crime committed.

Did you know that in Allentown, PA, it’s illegal for men to become aroused in public? and in Singapore, masturbation is punishable by decapitation. I guess “beheading” would have been too ambiguous….


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