Accident crap….

I hated to admit it to myself but when I woke up yesterday morning, my leg hurt.
It was really just a dull twinge for most of the morning but it started getting worse and at lunch I took 2 Tylenol. They did nothing and the pain got steadily worse for the rest of the day. When I got to my parents house, I took one of my dad’s Tylenol 3’s….that also did nothing, which is really unusual. When I got home, I hobbled up the steps and got Brittany ready for bed and took two Tylenol PM’s before going back downstairs. All they did was make me tired and when I woke up this morning, my leg hurt just as badly.
But it got worse during the day today.
I figured just to be safe I’d see my doc and get a referral to get it x-rayed….so I called about 9:00 but they didn’t have any appointments for today so they took a message. I get the feeling he never got it because I had to call them again when I got home at 4:30 and they said “Just go to the emergency room!” I love my doctor but I hate his staff. I told them no, I want an appointment with him…obnoxious tart told me the system was down and I’d have to call in the morning to schedule it.
Gee, go to the friggin’ ER for this little painful twinge in my leg…..anyone want to start a pool on how long I’d be sitting over there? If they just gave me the damn referral, I’d be able to set up an appointment rather than sitting around the ER for 9 hours with a hyperactive toddler.
Gah :-p
It really isn’t anything much, I’m hoping it’s just a coincidence that it showed up now. But. It is the foot I had on the brake when they guy hit me…..I don’t know if I might have twisted it up or anything :- I just wanted to have it on record somewhere in case in six months it turns out that it is something.
Maybe I just need to give it a day of rest. I’m off tomorrow and with the exception of taking Brittany for her first dental visit 🙂 I’m not doing a damn thing.
Here are some better shots of the car, too.


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  1. Wow… I hope your leg is feeling better! I’ve had similar problems with my doctor’s staff and it drives me nuts. Hopefully you can get it taken care of tomorrow.

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