Movin’ on up :-)

With all the accident crap this week I completely forgot to post the good news we had…..on Tuesday, Brittany starting going upstairs during the mornings to spend some time with the older kids in her school 🙂
They are starting her transition and getting her used to the way things work in the older clasroom. While the class she is in does have class time where they learn their numbers and letters and all, it’s not very strict. Upstairs they have to raise their hands and they can’t just get up and wander around….you know.
And when the new school year starts in September, she will be up there full time – whoo-hoo!
She’s very proud of herself and tells me everyday now how she raises her hand and waits her turn and learns about the dinosaurs…she follows that one with a big roar 🙂
Of course on Tuesday I was firing questions at her to find out about her day and I think she finally got fed up with answering me….she let out a big sigh and said “No, Mama. We didn’t do anything.” And then she wouldn’t answer any more questions… yesterday and today, I just let her tell me what she wanted to.
My big girl 🙂


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  1. She’s gorgeous and sounds like she’s really enjoying class.
    How did your folks go at the hearing yesterday?

  2. Sounds like she’s doing great in the big kids class! Caitlyn does the same thing if I ask about her day at preschool… “I didn’t do ANYTHING!” “I didn’t play with anyone!” “I didn’t eat ANY lunch.” *grin* I’m trying to stop asking her what she did, but it’s hard, she doesn’t really tell me anything if I don’t ask. 🙂

  3. What an adorable picture! She looks so happy!

  4. What a cutie, and YEA Brittany!

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