No Steve Martin Here :-)

Brittany had her first visit to the dentist today 🙂

She did really well, they weren’t sure if they would be able to clean her teeth and told me “We’ll give it a shot but if she doesn’t want to do it, we’ll just check them today.” Uh, yeah….whatever.
I guess most kids give them a hard time about it but I actually would have been surprised if Brittany spazzed. I’ve been telling her about it all week and letting her know what they’d be doing. I think she was surprised by the office more than anything.
I told her the dentist was a doctor for her teeth. So I think she was a little surprised when we walked into a waiting room that looks like a mini-Chuck-E-Cheese’s. They had video games and trains running around the room and a playhouse and a truck to drive around – it was neat!
Then we went into one room to have her teeth cleaned and it was all glittery. she sat and let the tech count and clean her teeth then we went into the “Carousel Room” to see the dentist.
She not only came home with a new toothbrush….she got a badge (“Just like Da’s!”), a 12oz. cup and a nice T-shirt that she just had to wear to bed 🙂
I want to go to Brushie-land!


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  1. Glad she had a good experience,that first impression is so important. My eldest did too 🙂

  2. Yeah! Me too! I wanna go there! My daughter has been going to a pediatric dentist since she turned one and she loves it. She just loves all the stuff to look at and the video games to play. They are so much more kid friendly at those that is for sure! Glad she enjoyed it : )

  3. My first dentist was a total bastard. Way too strict with the kids, and this was a pediatric dentist too. I mean, his office rocked — there were TVs in the ceilings and headphones, so you could watch, say, The Land Before Time while you got your teeth cleaned and picked, but he was.. ugh. He stuck his finger too far back down my throat once and I threw up all over him, and he started yelling at me.:)

  4. yeah, the first time i went to the dentist, they took x-rays and put those huge things in my cheeks…you know those doofy big round things that make you look like a square chipmunk? anyway, the things were way too big for me and stretched out my cheeks so much the inside of my mouth cracked and bled….i couldn’t eat anything with any salt or other spices for a week and could only drink water.
    i guess that’s why i wanted to make sure brittany had a better time at the dentist…..mind you i have no fear of the dentist (probably because i’ve never had a cavity) but whenever they say x-ray, i groan.
    fortunately, my dentist has a wonderful new x-ray machine….they just put a little bit of wax between your upper and lower teeth to keep them seperated and then the machine goes around your head – very cool 🙂

  5. Wellshe doesn’t look afraid and I envy her. Lol

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