The Friday Five – 05.23.03

The Friday Five
1. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Bill and I use Crest Rejuvinating Effects – I love that tingle πŸ˜‰ – and Brittany uses Oral-B kids toothpaste….not cuz I think it’s anything special, we just got it with some cool toothbrushes for her at BJ’s.
2. What brand of toilet paper do you prefer? Don’t squeeze the Charmin! I like BJ’s brand TP, as well.
3. What brand(s) of shoes do you wear? The only brand name shoes I get are my sneakers because I wear them more than anything in work and all….they are Reeboks. Whenever I get a new pair, I bring the old pair into work and leave them there for when I’m practicing my special stains….that way, if I drop or spill anything, it doesn’t ruin the good ones πŸ˜‰
4. What brand of soda do you drink? Diet Pepsi, more often than not. I go for a Diet Dr. Pepper every now and then…..
5. What brand of gum do you chew? Uhhh….can I get a mutliple choice on this one? I don’t chew gum very often….when I steal a piece from J., it’s usually IceBreakers, though.


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