80s Quiz

Who’da thunk knowing ALF’s real name would come in handy some day…..

I got 97 out of 100.
I suddenly feel really old and I’m only gonna be 26 next month :-
Swiped from Colleen 🙂


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  1. On my 26th birthday I felt that way too. Now I’m 28 and must look like I am because one woman a few weeks ago asked if my dad was my husband and someone else said happy mothers day to me when my daughter wasn’t even with me!

  2. the Proof of A Wasted Life

    In proof that I a.) have no life; b.) have more junk lodged in my brain than could ever be healthy and c.) have nothing…

  3. Lol….
    Was that a hint?

  4. Hehehehe – no, I’m not a hinter. In about two weeks, I’ll just come out and say “Hey, my birthday’s in a week; here’s my wishlist!” 😉

  5. The sad thing is you did WAY better than me, and I’m a year older than you! Wah!

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