Monthly Archives: June 2003


All I have to say is that Lynda rocks!
She left a comment here yesterday telling me just what to do to fix my journal and now all is right with the world again – thanks, hon 🙂


Having some issues with the journal. Everything was working fine as far as yesterday morning, now no one can login……including me. Working with pMachine support to try to figure out what happened and how I can at least save the entries. Everything still seems to be there, but I can’t get to them and I haven’t backed up the journal since the end of April….number wise, it’s only about 10, maybe 12 entries, but it’s still frustrating.
Damn thing :-p

Mr. Flibble’s Very Cross….

Four big glasses of Arbor mist and Quarantine…….in other words, I’m quite silly, right now 😉
I don’t know what it is about this particular episode of Red Dwarf…I mean it cracks me up when I’m not drinking but, damn…….I cannot stop laughing at it when I’ve had a few – lol 🙂
And since I’m having a really hard time typing, I’m just gonna stop now.

Kiddle Swim

Let me tell you how thrilled I am that my parents have a pool 🙂 Brittany is pretty happy about it, too, as you can see….but this just kicks ass.

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Damn thing!

Just so you know, I have my first mosquito bite of the season.
And the goddamn thing is inside the arch of my foot!!!
Do you know how annoying that is?
Damn thing.
And besides that’ it’s friggin’ hot, here. To go from high 70’s last week to a heat index of 100 this week kinda sucks ass. At least it’s actually a dry heat today. As long as it’s just hot, I can cope….when it’s like 99% humidiy on top of being that hot, I start looking into how much it would cost for me to get an air conditioned bubble to use to get back and forth between the garage and work.
Did I mention I have a really annoying mosquito bite?

and another

…and another journal entry!!
Two in as many days!!
It’s a ‘day in the life’ entry with a gazillion pictures….I don’t recommend reading it if you have a weak stomach or anything. Today was a working day and there are pictures of things that I have to work with.
That is all.


Birthday journal entry. Thanks for all the birthday wishes – it actually turned out to be a nice quiet day…..I couldn’t have asked for more 🙂


Change of plans cuz I don’t feel like cleaning anymore….yeah, because it’s my birthday, but it’s also warmer here than it’s been all week. It’s actually 83 degrees!!
So I we’re gonna go out.

Happy Birthday to Me :-)

So….it’s my birthday. I’ve always been technical about it, so I won’t actually be 26 until 3:51 this afternoon….yeah, I’m weird, wanna make somethin’ of it?
In the meantime, I’m listening to the new stereo my parents gave me (with 5 CD changer and turntable, including a 45 adapter!) and cleaning. I’m thinking that when Bob the Builder is over, I might play a game on the GameCube Bill got me.
The party never ends around here 😉

Twenty-six Years

Twenty-six years ago tonight, it was unbearably hot. My grandfather was sitting on one of my new dining room chairs drinking orange juice. He and the rest of my family knew that my mom was just waiting around trying to keep herself busy before going to the hospital. They were real sticklers about it….if they said five minutes and she was six minutes when they got there, they would have sent her home.
Twenty-six, man. I still don’t feel twenty-five…..but, yeah.
In about seventeen hours, I’ll be twenty-six.