Boy, I’ve really been burning up the blog lately, haven’t I?
Lot of shit going on around here, obviously….with all the issues with my sister and the problems my cousin is having and my parents new house and all that fun stuff.
And now I’ve got a little stress of my own that I don’t really want to talk about just yet….not that I don’t want to share, I just don’t want to jinx myself. If this one thing would work out it’d just make everything really cool and with my parents maybe getting a little well deserved peace….well, just keep your fingers crossed or say a prayer or light a candle….whatever, just send some good vibes this way 😉
In other news….one of Bill’s Father’s Day gifts got here yesterday while I was at work. He told me it was there and I said he could open it if he wanted. He did and was surprised to find the DOA Volleyball game. He’s wanted to get it since we got the Xbox like a month ago (what guy doesn’t want this game?) but couldn’t find a used copy (surprise, surprise) at EB or GameStop that was any great deal….only like $4 less than the new one. So he says. I think he was just afraid I’d break his new Xbox – heh-heh 🙂
So I bought it.
It’s actually okay….and I think I’ve played it more than him so far. I’m not really sure if that’s because I like shopping for the bathing suits and playing the different games that are in it or just because sometimes I like to watch boobies bouncing around, too…..even if they are computer generated – lol 🙂
Anyway, the whole system is pretty neat….I like that you can save your own music to it to use within games. This feature is especially handy in the volleyball game because the music is dreadful. I wonder if I can copy the Vice City soundtrack into Xbox somehow…..
I also got the new Wolfenstein game for PS2 for my dad cuz he used to looooooove playing that on the computer like 10 years ago. But, I wanted to get it for me too. It came with the volleyball game yesterday and Bill said yeah, we should get one. I said we’ll just keep this one and I’ll grab another one for my dad before Father’s Day…..of couse, we’ve been too busy playing boobie-ball to try it out, yet……..
Ah, well……
That is all.
For now.


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  1. *sends good vibes*

  2. Thanks, Sphinxy 🙂

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