just in case you were wonderin’

Actually, no….I haven’t been sucked into the Xbox and turned into a voluptuous volleyball babe.
Sorry 😉
I’m helping my parents move into the new digs and get everything settled. Last night after work, I went up to the new place with 6 or 7 boxes of stuff and then wacked all the weeds and overgrown grass in the yard – front and back.
Today, when I got done work, I helped my dad disassemble the big set of shelves in their living room and bring them up to the new place….and then helped him put them back together.
Tomorrow after work, I have to go to the dentist so my dad is picking Brittany up at school. When I’m done, I’ll be bringing up one of their TV’s and a few more boxes….I think it’s mostly holiday decorations by this point because my dad has been taking things up during the day all week, too.
The new furniture they bought was delivered yesterday – very nice 🙂 – and they had central air-conditioning installed today. They’ve been on the list to get into this place for 8 years and they have been saving for it. With my sister around, it wouldn’t have done them much good to buy nice furniture or anything because if she doesn’t burn holes in it, she spills shit all over it. So I think they are very excited to have nice new things again 🙂
The new place doesn’t have a dining room. It’s small but it really is perfect for them…it has a big eat-in kitchen and a good sized living room. Anyway, since they can’t fit it in the kitchen, they are giving me the dining room table – whoo-hoo!!


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  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the table! That is awesome. I really enjoyed reading that entry. It was neat to be able to visualize all the things that one table had been through. If you wanted to, though sometimes the dings and scratches are a nice part of it’s history, you could refinish it yourself. Enjoy!

  2. Yeah….I mean part of me hates to even think about getting rid of all the dings and dents and scratches but I also think that after 40 years, it deservesa little love. There are some distinct things that I want to try to leave alone (like the cat scratches and the saw marks), but I’m definitely going to refinish it….after doing my homework, of course 😉

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