Heather, you just got home! Would you rather:
a.) take a sixteen hour nap
b.) have a really big drink
c.) throw a huge screaming hissy fit
Answer? All of the above…and not necessarily in that order.
I should have known it wasn’t going to be a happy day when I had to tell Weavie Wonder off before 9 a.m. I attributed that partly to my not sleeping very much last night but mostly to her being a huge pain in my ass.
I left work early because I had a dentist appointment…when I got to the garage, the elevartors were broken. Again. I park on the 9th level.
I sat in traffic for 1 hour and 25 minutes because of an accident on southbound I-95. I was going north….and there was nothing on the northbound side execept morons that had to see the damage.
I then sat in the waiting room at the dentist for 1 full hour. They took x-rays and looked at my wisdom teeth….then the dentist came in and said “Well, you don’t have any cavities (of course, I never have cavities) but….” He then proceeded to tell me that I needed to have my teeth scaled. Big whoop….I don’t care, just do it.
But they have to make it complicated.
They can’t do anything about my wisdom teeth, I have to set up an appointment specifically to see the orthodontist. And the scaling thing….not only do they want to scale my teeth, they want to put some antibiotic inserts into my gums when they are done. Our insurance will pay for the scaling but not the antibiotics….no insurance will pay for these antibiotics because they are still testing on them. I have to have the scaling done in two visits and both times I have to pay them $200. I don’t have $200 extra bucks laying around right now, folks.
But they didn’t even fucking clean my teeth!
They handed me a bill for $1415 dollars and told me I should be grateful that I only have to pay $400 of it. And when I do go in for the scaling, They want me to fill out a form with all of our bank account information so that “just in case” the insurance company doesn’t pay for the other stuff, they can just deduct it from our account.
Okay, I don’t have dentist issues. I’ve never had a cavity, and I only ever had one tooth pulled (a baby tooth) because it was loose and wouldn’t come out. And this is not some cheesy corner dentist….this is a big brach of dental association.
I’m going to call the FOP tomorrow and tell them that I need another referral….that they didn’t even clean my teeth during the visit and gave me a treatment option that we can’t do. I mean if they would do the scaling and then let me get a prescription for the antibiotic, it’d be fine….but I don’t have $400 laying around for that crap.
And then, because it took so damn long for me to get done there, I got caught in a freakish thunderstorm on the way home. Don’t get me wrong, I love thunderstorms…..I just like to be sitting on my porch or in the living room. Not driving…..everytime a bolt of lightening hit on the way home I was coutnting to see if I could make it home before the next one hit my car.
But the way today was, it wouldn’t have surprised me at all.


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  1. Back in November Mike went in to get his teeth cleaned. He was back there for 45 minutes and they didn’t clean his freaking teeth. Gave him some bullshit run-around (similar to yours) and told him to make another appointment for a cleaning (of course, we pay a copay for each appointment). I had an appointment after his but when I found out they hadn’t even given him the scheduled cleaning we got up and walked out. What a joke!

  2. Yeah, i thinkk there’s soemthing fishy about the whole thing. But of course I was out all day today so I didn’t get to call the insurance company about it :-

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